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Woman who died in cosmetic surgery was operated a second time for guarantee

The death of Mariana Moncada, a 35-year-old street vendor, has been a mystery, after learning that she had breast surgery in an aesthetic clinic, located in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

In the process of recovering from the intervention, she apparently convulsed, lost consciousness, and then died in the process of being transferred to a highly complex medical facility.

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Luís Felipe Tarazona, director of control of the Santander Health Secretariat, said that the victim was carrying out a ssecond operation due to a guarantee, Well, in the first breast augmentation intervention, it did not look good aesthetically.

Added to this terrible situation, the aesthetic entity located in Bucaramanga would work in a clandestine The Ministry of Health confirmed in September 2022 that had closed permanently because the doctors who operated on their patients they were not suitable and were not specialized to perform aesthetic surgeries.

“An autopsy was requested to clarify the cause of death, what is known is that a professional appointments the patient to a doctor’s office for a correction to a procedure you had previously performedthe patient presented a convulsive syndrome, the appointment was almost nocturnal because she already had a sanitary measure, she had total temporary closure.

A service was enabled and did not have a professional title, they were offering a medical service that they did not have and did not have the right professional, ”explained Tarazona.

Eight institutions have been closed in Santander for applying sanitary measure. To date, two deaths have been reported.

Source: Elcomercio

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