WorldIn New York, Joe Biden calls for urgent action...

In New York, Joe Biden calls for urgent action on climate change


“We have to listen to scientists, economists, national security specialists, all of them tell us that we are on red alert, that the country and the world are in danger. Coming to New York and New Jersey to assess the damage from Storm Ida and the floods that killed 47 people, Joe Biden called for urgent action on climate change.

The American president first went to New Jersey, a neighboring state to New York, very affected by the disaster, then to the New York district of Queens. Devastating floods on Wednesday evening left 47 people dead in the US megalopolis and its region, causing widespread damage. Images of the New York subway where torrential rains poured out have traveled the world.

Joe Biden had already traveled last Friday to Louisiana, the first American state ravaged by Ida, which then had the power of a category 4 hurricane. The Democratic president did not fail to stress the urgency for the states there. – United to invest massively in the face of the climate crisis, in particular to adapt their aging infrastructures to the feared multiplication of extreme weather events.

Two investment programs

“Every dollar we invest will allow us to save six, because in the next disaster, the flood will be contained, the fire will not spread as much, the electricity will not be cut,” he said. he says.

Joe Biden has launched two major investment programs, one in infrastructure (roads, bridges, electricity grid) and the other in social benefits (education, health, etc.), for a cumulative amount that could approach $ 5,000 billion.

It still needs to get them adopted by the American Congress, by achieving a difficult reconciliation between the interests of certain elected representatives of the Republican opposition, the demands of the far left fringe of the Democratic Party, and the concerns of elected centrists of his own camp faced with the amount of planned spending.



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