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US congressmen tell Mexico that it must “do more” against insecurity

A congressional delegation from USA told the Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador that should “do more” against drug trafficking and “rampant migration”, affirmed this Monday one of the congressmen.

USA and Mexicoshare a common border, which means we must have a shared interest in working together to address security challenges that put the lives of Americans and Mexicans at risk, including drugs, murderous cartels, and rampant migration”, affirmed the Republican senator john cornynquoted in a statement.

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The Republican and Democratic congressmen returned to the United States on Monday after meeting with the Mexican president and senior intelligence, anti-drug and government officials in the Latin American country.

They also claim to have obtained information from US officials and the US ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazaron Washington’s position regarding Mexico, the recent murders of Americans in the country, the fight against drug trafficking and immigration on the border between the two countries.

Four Americans were recently kidnapped in the Mexican border town of matamorosof which two died.

Representation of both houses of Congress”made it clear to President López Obrador that his administration must do more to address these issues so that we can maintain our historically strong economic and cultural partnership”, Cornyn insists in the statement, in which he is optimistic that these negotiations “lead to collaborative solutions”.

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The meeting between the Mexican authorities and the US delegation comes after Republican congressmen presented a bill in early March to designate the cartels as groups “terrorists”, and that several senators asked the government of Democratic President Joe Biden to allow the US military to fight them wherever they are.

Source: Elcomercio

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