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Ephemeris of March 21: What happened in the world on a day like today?

He March 21st In 2006, Jack Dorsey and three other partners founded the social network Twitter in the city of San Francisco (USA).


1551.- Diego de Mazariegospartner of Hernan Cortes in the conquest of Mexicois appointed Governor of Cuba and establishes his residence in Havana.

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1685.- Birth of the German musician JS Bach, one of the most important in the history of Western music. (This date corresponds to the Julian calendar. According to the Gregorian, currently in force, the date would be March 31).

1788.- A fire devastates much of the city of New Orleansthen capital of the Louisiana Spanish and currently part of the USA.

1801.- Battle of Aboukiralso known as battle of the nilein which the English defeated the French expedition sent to Egypt.

1804.- Enactment in France of the Civil Codeknown as Napoleon Codewhich ordered and harmonized the revolutionary civil legislation in a single legal body.

1811.- The Board of Buenos Aires issues a decree by which he is banished from the city of Cordova to all single Spaniards.

1847.- Guatemala definitively separated from Central American Federation and proclaimed its independence.

1871.- He Emperor Wilhelm I of Germany inaugurates the first german parliament and grants to bismarck The title of imperial prince.

1888.- A fire completely destroys the Baquet theaterof Port (Portugal), and 80 people die.

1907.- Louis Bleriot tests his first monoplane modelwith which he would cross the English Channel on July 25, 1909.

1919.- bela kun seizes power in Hungary and proclaims the dictatorship of the proletariat.

1935.- Persia changes its name to Irana word that has its origin in airana either “land of the aryans”.

1940.- Premiere in FloridaUnited States, from the film Alfred HitchcockRebecca”.

1960.- 69 people die and nearly 200 are injured in a protest against the racist regime of South Africa In the town of sharpeville.

1963.- The US authorities permanently close Alcatraz federal prison located in the San Francisco Bay.

1975.- far-right terrorist organization Triple Akidnapped and murdered eight members of the Peronist Youth in what is known asPasco massacre”.

1989.- Returns to his country, after 42 years of exile, the Paraguayan writer Augusto Roa Bastos.

1990.- Namibia becomes a sovereign state after 75 years of South African colonization.

1999.- the swiss bertrand piccard and the british Brian Jones they land in the desert Egypt culminating the first non-stop balloon ride around the world.

2001.- Space Shuttle Discovery returns to Earth with the first crew of the International Space Station on board.

2002.- A Nicaraguan judge opens a process against the former president Arnoldo German for a fraud to the State of 1.3 million dollars.

2003.- A illinois court (USA) condemns the tobacco company Phillip Morris to pay $10.1 billion to various consumers for misleading advertising in the light cigarettes.

2006.- jack dorsey and three other partners found in San Francisco the social network Twitter.

– The government of Ecuador declares a state of emergency in five provinces of the country, paralyzed by indigenous protests against the FTA being negotiated by the Ecuadorian government and USA.

– The leader and founder of Revolutionary Movement “Tupac Amaru”, Victor Polay Camposis sentenced to 32 years in prison for terrorism by a Peruvian court.

2008.- The French President, Nicolas Sarkozyannounces the reduction of his country’s nuclear arsenal.

2010.- The US House of Representatives approves the health system reform promoted by the president Barack Obama.

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2013.- The former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy accused in the case of the billionaire Liliane Bettencourt.

2015.- The “tide of the century”, a phenomenon that responds to the unusual alignment of the Sun and the Moonraises the waters of the Atlantic up to maximums of 14.6 meters in height.

2016.- The US Secretary of State, john kerrymeets separately in Havana with the negotiators of the Government of Colombia in the peace process and with a delegation from the FARC.

2018.- The president of Peru resigns Peter Paul Kuczynskiaccused of buying votes.

2021.- Turkey leave the Istanbul Convention against sexist violence.


1763.- jean paul reichterGerman writer and humorist.

1806.- Benito JuarezPresident of Mexico and one of the promoters of the independence of his country.

1916.- bismillah khanIndian musician.

1925.- Peter BrookBritish theater director.

1927.- Hans Dietrich GenscherGerman politician.

1932.- walter gilbertAmerican biochemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1980.

1940.- Solomon BurkeAmerican singer.

1950.- Roger Hodgsonsinger of the British musical band Supertramp.

1955.- Jair BolsonaroPresident of Brazil.

1958.- Gary OldmanBritish actor.

1960.- Ayrton sennaBrazilian Formula 1 driver.

1961.- Lothar MatthausGerman footballer.

1962.- Rosie O’DonnellAmerican comedian and television host.

1963.- ronald koemanDutch footballer.

1980.- Ronaldo de Assis Moreira“Ronaldinho”, Brazilian soccer player.

1991.- Antoine GriezmannFrench footballer.


1931.- Herman Müllerformer German socialist chancellor.

1987.- Robert Preston, American actor.

1991.- Clarence Leo FenderAmerican musician.

1992.- Georges Henri Jean-Baptiste DelerueFrench composer and conductor.

1994.- McDonald CareyAmerican actor.

1997.- Fritz SpielmanAustrian composer and pianist.

2001.- Chun Juyungfounder of the Hyundai industrial group and promoter of the reconciliation of the two Koreas.

2004.- Lyudmila TcherinaFrench dancer and choreographer.

2006.- bernard lacoste (74), French textile businessman.

2012.- Tonino GuerraItalian poet and writer.

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2014.- james rebhornAmerican actor.

2020.- Kenny RogersAmerican country music singer.

2021.- Nawal al-SaadawiEgyptian feminist writer, 89 years old.

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