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This was the night of horror at a massacre party in Barranquilla

What began as a day of dancing and joy to the beat of champeta music ended in a night of terror for the inhabitants of the Villanueva neighborhood, between the Magdalena river and the Barranquilla port corridor, Colombia.

Peak Aries Super Turbo It sounded at full volume at 11 p.m. this Sunday, March 19, but the refrain of the urban genre was silenced by at least five individuals who opened fire on the crowd, also taking the lives of five people.

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“My dad went to play soccer in the afternoon, he came back and was happy, because he scored several goals and told my mom that he wasn’t that old. And then he went to the bazaar to celebrate with her, ”Yurleidys told the Última Hora Magdalena portal.

She is daughter of Moses Rafael Pacheco de la Cruzone of the fatalities of this new massacre in the capital of the Atlantic.

Although the rumba reached its best moment moments after midnight, the preamble to the dance began at 12 noon in an establishment on Calle 2B with Carrera 42, when the sound team began to do its tests.

The first tests to light the party

A pico enlivened the party. Photo: Supplied

After stabilizing the brightness and the bass of the champeta that played in the background, the pico was ready to light the party in the company name JCwhere the first attendees could taste the local gastronomy offered by an informal vendor in a fry rack.

In the adjoining houses of this sector, where vulnerable low-income communities come together, some men and women put on their best ‘pint’ to socialize after sunset with intoxicating drinks.

They arrived and sat in the plastic chairs located on the terrace of the establishment to obtain the best location, next to the large speaker.

With the passing of the hours, the mood was rising, fueled by the beers and one or two drinks. Other visitors were encouraged, but they did not find space on the terrace, so they had no choice but to locate themselves in front of the stadium.

The beginning of the horror in Villanueva

Police offer reward for the facts.  Photo: Kronos Agency

Police offer reward for the facts. Photo: Kronos Agency

Suddenly, at 11:10 p.m., he they heard the first shots: Unknown persons who arrived at the scene shot at all those who danced, without saying a word to anyone, according to witnesses.

“Several bursts were heard,” said one of those present, who described the moment of anxiety and anguish, after being caught in the middle of the bullets. He looked for a shelter and managed to take shelter. Panic was already sown in the sector.

The videos that were broadcast on social networks showed pools of blood next to several bodies. It is said that at least three people died on the spotwhile the death of two others was confirmed in the care center where they were transferred.

Chaos at the General Hospital of Barranquilla

Said care center was the General Hospital of Barranquilla, in the center of the city and close to the place of the massacre. From Villanueva’s panic to the chaos that invaded this medical institution, with more than a dozen wounded arriving, one after another.

There, the health personnel were running desperately to save the lives of the injured. “Find me a catheter, find me a catheter!” A doctor asked his assistant, while he squeezed the chest of a bloody man.

In the same way, other young citizens, oblivious to the doctors, cried in an isolated area for them, asking the professionals to save the lives of their relatives. A uniformed policeman told them that they could not be in the place and should leave.

the five murderedincluding two women, were identified as: Ludy del Carmen Londoño Muñoz, Georgina Ortiz Berrío, Moisés Rafael Pacheco de la Cruz, Dailes Mar Coronel Álvarez and Alberto Enrique Guerrero.

While the names of the injured are: Jhon Jaime Polo Perea, Diana Patricia Coronado Villanueva, Miguel Ángel Castillo Bradford, Brandon Steven Gómez Vergara, Heliodoro Oliveros Rodríguez, Fernando Antonio Rocha Concha, Walberto Romero Arriguez, Yudis Patricia Barón Rivera, Zuleimy María Arroyo Durán, Daniel de Jesús Beleño Romero, Jenyfer Paola Cervantes González, Juan Carlos Suárez Arriguez, Wilson Montes Genes and Clara Navarro Aconcha.

There is an atmosphere of anxiety in the sector.  Photo: Kronos Agency

There is an atmosphere of anxiety in the sector. Photo: Kronos Agency

This is how Barranquilla found out about a new massacre

The night passed and dawn came on Monday, March 20. The first rays of the sun illuminated the area of ​​the massacre, being able to measure the magnitude of the horror and the stupefied faces of survivors and neighbors.

While the rest of the city found out about a new massacre through social networks, the second in less than two monthsafter the one registered in the El Santuario neighborhood, where four people were murdered.

“My condolences to all the relatives of the people who died, we don’t even know what happened. We don’t explain ourselves. I’m very sorry, people of the Villanueva neighborhood. How sad that the Aries Super Turbo Organization went there for the first time and this happened,” lamented a spokesman for the picó that entertained the party on Monday.

Today, relatives of the victims mourn the departure of their loved ones, among them the relatives of Moisés Pacheco, the amateur soccer player who went to celebrate his feat and found death, another in this wave of violence that invades Barranquilla.

Source: Elcomercio

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