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USA in suspense before possible indictment of Donald Trump

USA was pending this Monday the probable indictment of donald trump in New York for buying the silence in 2016 of a porn actress with whom he would have had a relationship, a “Witch hunt” according to the former president, who called on his followers to support him massively.

Trump assured last Saturday on his platform TruthSocial what’s it gonna be “arrested” on Tuesday, a bomb in the middle of the campaign for the Republican nomination to aspire again to the presidency of USA in 2024.

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The judicial authorities prepare for the indictment by the district attorney of Manhattan, Alvin Braggof the businessman, who could be symbolically detained and handcuffed, in an unprecedented event for a former US president.

The 45th American president urged his supporters to “manifest” in his support. A handful of unconditional fans flocked to the entrance of his lavish building on V Avenue in New York, the Trump Towerwith banners, found the AFP.

At 18:00 (22:00 GMT) in the south of Manhattan a demonstration is plannedpeaceful”, probably in front of the offices of the local Public Ministry.

Fearing possible tensions, and even violence, the New York police are “coordinatingwith the federal police fbi and the Manhattan prosecutor’s office, informed AFP.


Trump, 76 years old and who has lastingly changed the balance of power in the United States, lashed out again this Monday on his social network against the service “corrupt” from prosecutor Bragg, a Democratic African-American magistrate, elected at the polls, like all judges and prosecutors in the country.

For the Republican billionaire it is a “Witch hunt”.

According to Trump, the investigated fact prescribes after two years. “And what is more important, IT WAS NOT A CRIME!!!”, the magnate wrote this Monday on his Truth Social platform.

Alina Habbaa lawyer for the mogul, warned on CNN on Sunday that “If (Democrats) decide to frame him for a violation he didn’t really commit, it’s going to cause chaos.”.

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The main fear of the authorities would be a repetition of the chaos of the storming the capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021, when Trump urged his supporters to ignore the results of the polls that gave the Democrat victory Joe Biden.

On social networks, the Trumpists promised this Monday to prevent the indictment of their hero, in particular the group “The Donald”, which calls for a “national strike” or even a “civil war 2.0″, according to the media Rolling Stone and Daily Beast.

In the page, one of the users, who hides behind the pseudonym Fuckamala (Fuck Kamala -Harris, the vice president-) lamented that the strike “does not matter to them”. “Until all the foundations are burned, nothing changes”, lamenting the lack of “patriots” and “coordination”.

complex case

The Stormy Daniels case is legally complex.

New York justice is trying to clarify whether Trump is guilty of false statement (an infraction), or of violating the election finance law (a criminal offense) by paying $130,000 to Stephanie Clifford, the real name of Daniels, in the weeks before the November 2016 elections, in order to buy his silence about an alleged extramarital affair, according to the prosecution.

The investigation accelerated last week.

Michael Cohen, a former lawyer and now an enemy of Trump, in charge of delivering the money to Clifford in 2016, and the actress testified before a grand jury, a panel of citizens chosen by lot, whose verdict can lead to an indictment.

Trump was also encouraged to testify before this grand jury, which he will do, according to another of his lawyers.

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“Prosecutors almost never invite the target of the investigation to testify before the grand jury unless they intend to indict him,” former prosecutor and law professor Bennett Gershman told AFP.

According to his colleague Renato Mariotti, it is likely that, in the event of indictment, Trump, who lives in his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, will voluntarily appear in court in Manhattan.

On Sunday, several Republican chieftains came out in support of Trump, in particular his former vice president, Mike Pence, who broke with the magnate in 2021, and with whom he could compete in the primaries for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election.

Source: Elcomercio

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