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STRAIGHT. War in Ukraine: Russia fired 30 strikes on Monday while Chinese President was in Moscow


  • Vladimir Putin received Chinese President Xi Jinping. The two leaders spoke one-on-one for 4.5 hours on Monday ahead of more formal talks today.
  • “The world should not be deceived” by China’s proposals to Moscow, the head of American diplomacy said. He announces new $350 million military aid for Kyiv.
  • The EU also announced the allocation of 2 billion euros for the purchase and delivery of artillery ammunition to Ukraine.
  • The Kremlin has agreed to a 60-day extension of the Ukrainian grain deal reached in July 2022 to alleviate the global food crisis. Putin promises to supply grain to Africa if the agreement is not subsequently renewed.
  • The boss of the Wagner group claims that his troops control “about 70%” of the symbolic city of Bakhmut.
  • An arrest warrant has been issued against Vladimir Putin by the International Criminal Court on suspicion of a war crime. Russia takes retaliatory measures and announces the opening of a criminal case against the prosecutor and three judges of the ICC.

30 Russian strikes yesterday in Ukraine

According to the Ukrainian military, in addition to light artillery, Russia launched 21 air strikes and 9 missile strikes yesterday. One blow hit the city of Slavyansk, the other hit Kramatorsk, as a result of which seven multi-storey buildings and three cars were damaged, there were no civilian casualties. The Ukrainian General Staff assures that Russia has concentrated its efforts on the settlements of Limansky, Bakhmut, Avdeevka, Maryinsky and Shakhtar and their environs.


Moscow plans to convene the UN Security Council on the issue of Ukrainian children

Russia plans to hold an informal meeting of the UN Security Council on April 6, dedicated to the “real situation” of Ukrainian children taken to Russia, Associated Press reports. This was announced by the Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya. Russia presides over the Council in turn in April.

The international warrant for the arrest of Vladimir Putin is justified, according to the International Criminal Court, “as a war crime of illegal deportation (of children) and illegal transfer (of children) from the occupied territories of Ukraine to the Russian Federation”, which is why Maria Lvova-Belova, Commissioner for Children’s Rights under Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, is also under an arrest warrant.


European aid is a “step” on Zelensky

In his daily address the night before, the Ukrainian president also thanked the European Union for a “overall plan to speed up the supply of shells for our artillery” worth $2 billion. “This is a strategic move. This gives us confidence in our unity,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.


Missiles destroyed in Crimea

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said yesterday’s explosion in Dzhankoy, in the northern Crimean peninsula, destroyed Russian cruise missiles intended for use by Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

A Russian official on the peninsula, annexed by Moscow in 2014, said the blast was caused by drones filled with shrapnel and explosives that were aimed at civilian targets. One person was injured.


Kishida goes to Kyiv

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is heading to Kyiv to meet with Volodymyr Zelensky. He wants to convey to him “respect for the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people defending their homeland under his command, as well as the solidarity and unwavering support of Ukraine from Japan and the G7,” the Japanese diplomacy said in a statement. reported.

Fumio Kishida was the only G7 leader who had not visited Kyiv since the conflict began over a year ago. Tokyo nevertheless joined Western sanctions against Russia and in February announced a new aid to Ukraine in the amount of $5.5 billion (5.1 billion euros). However, Japan did not provide military assistance, as its pacifist constitution forbade it from doing so.


On the second day of the Chinese President’s visit to Moscow

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping will continue negotiations on the second day of the Chinese President’s visit to Russia. They are expected to detail the peace plan proposed by Beijing last month to try to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.


According to Zelensky, the creation of a special court is moving forward

In his daily address, President Zelenskiy said last night that “the establishment of a special tribunal for Russian aggression against our country” is progressing well. Austria and Ireland, he said, have joined the “group that is preparing” this jurisdiction, which Ukraine has been requesting for months, in addition to the International Criminal Court. “It is not enough to bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes caused by aggression. It is also necessary to punish – fairly and legally enough – the original crime that gave rise to all the other crimes of this war, ”Zelensky said as a mission of this jurisdiction.


ICC receives new funds

The International Criminal Court (ICC) yesterday received additional financial and technical support from some forty countries gathered in London to continue its investigation in Ukraine, three days after the issuance of an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the end of the day, “we have raised more than £4 million and a lot of non-financial and technical support” for the ICC’s action in Ukraine, welcomed Dominic Raab, British Attorney General.


Dummy tanks, mass sabotage weapons

The war in Ukraine has again drawn attention to toy guns. Both sides use decoys to mislead enemy forces on the battlefield. Our video.

We remember that during World War II, inflatable tanks were part of the arsenal used by the Allies to make Nazi Germany believe in the Pas de Calais landings.


In Bakhmut, meager Russian advances

According to the Institute for the Study of War, a U.S. think tank, Russian forces have made only “minor gains” in and around Bakhmut, a key Donbass city that the two countries have been fiercely fighting over since the end of the war. summer. They “accelerated the pace” of their operations in the nearby city of Avdiivka.


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Source: Le Parisien

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