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The United States responds to AMLO: We do not hide our problems

The State Department of USA defended this Tuesday his annual report on human rights in the world after the criticism received by the Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorto whom he replied that the US government does not hide “the problems swept under the rug”.

Deputy State Department spokesman Vedant Patelexpressed himself in this way at a press conference after López Obrador accused USA to lie and believethe government of the worldwith that report.

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We have never said that we are the Government of the world or anything of this kind”, answered Patel, who recalled that the State Department is obliged to prepare this document for the US Congress every year.

The vice spokesman stated that “the participation of members of the Police, the Army and other institutions in serious acts of corruption and arbitrary murders pose a challenge for Mexico and that’s why it appears in the report”.

We have never hinted that we don’t have our own internal challenges.”, continued Patel, who nevertheless stressed that Washington does not try “sweep them under the rug”.

The official claimed that the United States “has worked for decades to strengthen respect for human rights”, a task that is part of “american values”.

In the 2022 report published on Monday, the United States expresses concern about the high level of impunity in Mexico, about the participation of authorities in crimes, and about the accusations of Lopez Obrador against journalists and activists.

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It is not true, they are lying, it is pure politicking, with all due respect. It’s just their nature, they don’t want to abandon the Monroe Doctrine and before the call Manifest DestinyThey do not want to change, so they believe they are the Government of the world”, responded the Mexican president this Tuesday.

López Obrador said that in the State Department there are some “liars” and highlighted the case of the founder of Wikileaks, Julian AssangeWanted in the United States for revealing confidential information.

Hey, why don’t you release Assange if you’re talking about journalism and freedom?”, he stated.

López Obrador also reacted to the report that Mexico’s efforts against the drug trafficking they gave “limited results”.

From the White Housethe US government spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierrepointed out in his daily press conference that the problem of illegal fentanyl trafficking is not just a US problem, but that it is “global” and affects other places like Mexico.


He pointed out that his country sees “vital” the relationship with the neighboring nation and recalled that the president Joe Biden visited Mexico in January to meet with López Obrador and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

It was a very good summit, with good bilateral talks when they had the opportunity during the summit, so we’re going to try and continue to grow that relationship.”, assured Jean-Pierre.

The annual report on human rights in the world of the Department of State it serves as a guide to the US Congress in determining the foreign aid granted to each nation.

Source: Elcomercio

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