WorldWhich countries spend the most on their students?

Which countries spend the most on their students?


Millions of French children have resumed their course for a short week, betting on a year that is as “normal” as possible despite the Covid-19. Their parents hope for their success as they do every year, as do their teachers. And that the State, which puts its hand in its pocket for that. But how much, exactly, compared to other countries?

To find out, our partner, Statista, has compiled in this infographic the 2017 OECD data on public investment in this area. As a result, Luxembourg is the top nation that spends the most for the education of its young citizens: on average 20,011 euros per pupil and per year, from primary to tertiary education. Norway (14,368 euros) and Belgium (11,853) follow. France, she devotes an average of 9,344 euros per year, a total above the OECD average. In particular, it is twice as much as Russia (4,712 euros).



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