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Biden warns Iran that the United States will respond “with force” to the attacks

The American President, Joe Bidenwarned Iran on Friday that USA will protect “With force” in the event of an attack by the Islamic Republic following the shelling and shelling of international coalition positions in north-eastern Syria.

“Do not get wrong, USA does not seek conflict with Iranindicated Biden, while warning that his country will protect “With force” to its citizens.

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Biden explained in Ottawa at a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that he himself ordered on Thursday when he was traveling to Canada “an immediate response” the drone attack by Iranian-backed groups against a US military base in Syriawhere a contractor died.

“I spoke to our national security team and ordered an immediate response. Last night, military forces from USA carried out a series of bombardments in Syriatargeting those responsible for attacking our soldiers”said the president.

assured that USA will continue its counterterrorism efforts in the region, in collaboration with other partners of the international coalition against the group Islamic State (IS).

This Friday, positions of the coalition, led by USAwere attacked again with ten rockets, which caused four minor injuries -two women and two Syrian minors-.

The Pentagon spokesman, Brigadier General Pat Ryder, told a press conference that around 08:05 local time (11:05 GMT) that the ten rockets were targeted at a base USA in the Arab country.

He US Central Command (Centcom) specified in a statement that the place attacked is the complex of the international coalition called green villagein northeast Syria.

Ryder stressed that there were no US casualties in this attack, although Centcom specified that one of the projectiles deviated from its target and hit a house, causing extensive material damage and minor injuries to two women and two minors.

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The spokesman for Pentagon explained that, according to the data they handle, behind this aggression there is “affiliated groups” to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

“It is an effort to take revenge for the attacks last night”Ryder said.

He Pentagon revealed on Thursday that he had perpetrated “precision bombing” in the east of Syriawhich Ryder specified that there were two, against installations of groups linked to Tehran.

These strikes were in response to an Iranian-made drone strike hours earlier that killed a US contractor and injured six others in the northeastern province of Al Hasaka.

Ryder stressed that USA is focused on the defeat of IS in Syriaand that it will continue to be so.

He pointed out that Washington can’t see it happening “a climb” with Iran in the Arab country and clarified that the US bombing last night is to send “a very clear message” about what USA Is taken “oh really” the protection of his soldiers.

“We will respond quickly and decisively if they are threatened”he warned.

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Source: Elcomercio

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