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Bolsonaro returns the controversial jewels given by Saudi Arabia

The former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro returned this Friday, through his lawyers, a package of jewelry given by Saudi Arabia after the scandal caused by their alleged irregular entry into the country, as well as a rifle and a pistol that he received from the United Arab Emirates.

The jewels were delivered by the former president’s lawyers at a public bank in Brasiliafollowing an instruction ordered last week by the Court of Accountssupervisory body of the Brazilian State.

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The collection of the luxurious Swiss brand Chopardvalued at about $75,000, includes a watch, a pen, cufflinks, a ring, and some kind of rosary.

Press versions, however, indicate that the gold watch, being part of a limited production of 35 units, has a value close to $150,000.

The court’s decision was based on well-founded suspicions that the entry into the country of these jewels was made irregularly and without the proper declaration to the Treasuryand that these should also be part of the national public patrimony and not be in the possession of the retired Army captain.

Other jewels, that the government of saudi arabia he gave to Michelle de Paula Firmo, wife of Bolsonaro, and which were intercepted by the Treasury, when one of the advisers of a minister of the far-right leader tried to bring it into the country in 2021, they will also have to be delivered to the public bank.

The expensive gift for the ex-president’s wife, also from the exclusive Swiss brand and which includes a necklace, a ring, a watch and diamond earrings, is valued at around 3.2 million dollars.

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In its decision, the audit institution also ordered the former ruler to hand over a rifle and a pistol that he received from United Arab Emirates in 2019 and ordered an audit of all the gifts he received during the four years of his Government (2019-2022).

Unlike the jewelry, the two weapons were registered with the Treasury and the Army.

The lawyers of the far-right leader, who were waiting for an authorization from the Army to mobilize the weapons, handed them over this Friday afternoon at the headquarters of the Federal Police in Brasilia.

Bolsonaro assured that he will return the weapons with “heartache”as he said in an interview with the Record station.

The former Brazilian president has experienced the scandal from a distance, since since last December 30 he has been in USA in a sort of “self-exile” which he intends to put an end to this month of March when he returns to Brazilalthough the date has not yet been fully confirmed.

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Source: Elcomercio

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