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Amnesty International accuses the Spanish authorities of not being accountable for rights

Amnesty International accuses the Spanish authorities of not being accountable for rights

Amnesty International accuses the Spanish authorities of not being accountable for rights

International Amnesty states that in 2022 in Spain has worsened”the climate of impunity and lack of accountability”, since the authorities have not investigated the violation of rights in cases such as the “slaughter” at the border fence in Melilla.

The report of International Amnesty about 2022 confirms a worsening of the violation of rights at the border of Melillaa Spanish city in North Africa on the border with Morocco.

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Last year at least 27 immigrants diedwhile different organizations raise the number to at least 37, in a massive attempt to jump the fence from Morocco after which international organizations and human rights organizations demanded that the actions of the Moroccan and Spanish security forces be investigated.

Regarding nursing homes, it warns that three years after the start of the pandemic, the Spanish authorities have failed to comply with their obligation to investigate “exhaustive and adequate” the abandonment suffered by many of them, with numerous complaints from relatives of deaths due to poor care.

It also denounces theabuses that protects” the so-called gag law, on citizen security and which was approved by the previous conservative government, “that have left citizens unprotected against the excessive use of force by members of the security forces”.

For this organization, the fact that the current left-wing government has not yet been reformed represents a missed opportunity “in terms of freedom of expression, assembly and demonstration, as well as immigration, since the law continues to guarantee illegal returns at the border”.

In addition, spyware has been used “that have violated the right to privacy of journalists, authorities and civil society”.

Regarding the official secrets law, which dates from 1968 and is in the reform phase, he maintains that a more restrictive approach to what is classifiable as a state secret would be “more in line with international law standards on transparency and human rights”.

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The report acknowledges certain “efforts” by the Government, such as social aid against the rise in energy costs or a limit to the rise in rental housing, but at the same time calls for more investment in areas such as health.

Likewise, it values ​​the new law against sexual violence, as “a great step for the prevention, care and protection of women, girls and victims”, and appreciates in the trans law improvements in the rights of LGBTI people.

It also sees improvements in access to abortion, with “a broader recognition of the rights to reproduction and maternity freely decided” in a new law.

Source: Elcomercio

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