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18-year-old boy died when he crashed on an expensive motorcycle that his mother helped him pay for

This Sunday, March 26, a serious accident left one dead and one injured. A young man of only 18 years of age lost his life after an accident while riding his motorcycle at the Fatima intersection, between Bucaramanga and Floridablanca, Colombia.

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According to some witnesses, the event occurred around 6:00 in the afternoon, when a motorcyclist came with his companion in a Victory MRX 150 and lost control of the vehicle. The pilot identified as Jonier Villamizar he left his lane while trying to make the curve of the Fatima intersection and collided head-on with a car coming from the opposite direction.

From the strong impact, the teenager who was driving the motorcycle died instantly, while the co-pilot ended up alive in the divider on the road and is in a hospital.

Both carriageways of the road Bucaramanga and Floridablancawere closed for several hours, while the authorities carried out the removal of the body and the due expertise of the accident that claimed Jonier’s life.

The events occurred on the Bucaramanga and Floridablanca roads. Photo: iStock

Details of Jonier Villamizar

According to some acquaintances, the 18-year-old had little experience and was paying for the motorcycle thanks to the help of his mother, who would have given him money to buy the motorcycle.

A Victory MRX 150 that currently around 10 million pesos including paperwork (official dealer price). The enduro motorcycle was left on one of the roads of the road and ended up as a total loss.

Source: Elcomercio

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