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Indigenous people of Ecuador ask for a march to give way to the political trial against Lasso

Indigenous people of Ecuador ask for a march to give way to the political trial against Lasso

Indigenous people of Ecuador ask for a march to give way to the political trial against Lasso

Some 2,000 indigenous people from Ecuador They marched this Tuesday to ask the Constitutional Court to give the green light to the political trial against the president William Lassofor an alleged case of corruption in which his brother-in-law and a former government official are involved.

The highest court has in its hands the last word on whether or not to give way to the trial raised by a sector of the Legislature, where the opposition is a majority but is dispersed.

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The deputies allege that Lasso has allegedly protected a criminal structure set up by his brother-in-law Danilo Carrera and Hernan Luqueformer delegate of the president on the board of directors of the Coordinating Company of Public Companies (EMCO).

It is in the hands of the Court.”advance through the democratic, institutional, constitutional path to give way to impeachment”, he told the press Leonidas Izaleader of the largest indigenous organization in the country, conaie.

With whips in hand and multicolored flags, the indigenous people advanced to the headquarters of the Court before going to the National Assemblywhere they presented a bill for the management of water sources.

Indigenous people participate in a march towards the Constitutional Court to demand the admissibility of the impeachment trial against Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso in Quito on March 28, 2023. (Photo by Rodrigo BUENDIA / AFP) (RODRIGO BUENDIA /)

At the head of the march that toured the streets of northern QuitoIza claimed because in Ecuador “there is no political stability, there is no economic, social stability”.

Now it is by legal means, by constitutional means (…) to decide on the impeachment of the president”, said the leader, who led violent protests last June, which left six dead and forced Lasso to lower the price of fuel.

The leader, dressed in his usual red poncho, warned: “Do not wait for the people to rise up to react” against the government, which has been in power for two years.

This is the second attempt by the legislature to remove Lasso. In June, in the midst of indigenous protests over the high cost of living, opposition assembly members presented a motion to remove the president due to serious social unrest, but did not gather the necessary votes.

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The Executive maintains that the trial request is “one more attempt at destabilization” from the National Assembly and that it lacks legal foundations.

In the event of impeachment, the vote of two thirds of the deputies (92) is required to remove the president, in power since 2021.

In case the Constitutional court issues an opinion against the trial, the process will be archived.

Source: Elcomercio

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