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Amnesty International: Fatal fire in northern Mexico is the result of inhumane policies

The fatal fire at an immigration center in Juarez Cityborder with USAwhich caused the death of, so far, 40 migrantsIt is a consequence of the restrictive and cruel immigration policies shared by the governments of Mexico and United States”, the organization said on Tuesday International Amnesty (AI).

These devastating facts reveal a truly inhuman migration control system. How is it possible that the Mexican authorities have left human beings locked up with no possibility of escaping the fire?“, said Erika Guevara Rosasdirector for the Americas of AI in a statement.

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In addition, he considered, as “extremely insensitive and offensive” that both President López Obrador in his morning press conference, and the Migration’s national institute In an official statement, “they have insisted on using euphemisms to downplay the seriousness of the events that occurred and blame migrants for the events”.

Immigration stations are not ‘shelters’, but detention centers, and people are not ‘housed’ there, but deprived of their liberty”, he exposed Guevara Rosas.

In the statement, AI noted that the countries of the region, led by USAthey have established shared immigration policies that are increasingly inhumane”, making access to the right to request asylum almost impossible and forcing people to seek more dangerous routes that put them in a greater situation of vulnerability.

He recalled that in the strategy that seeks to curb migration in collaboration with the United States and Canadathe Mexican authoritieshave established powers to National Guard on migration and have militarized the borders”.

In addition, they have used immigration detention systematically. “In 2022 alone, the immigration authorities detained at least 318,660 people in immigration stations and expelled more than 106,000, including children and adolescents.”.

The organization noted that according to a statement from the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) of Mexicoamong the dead and injured there were 28 Guatemalans, 13 Hondurans, 12 Venezuelans, 12 Salvadorans, one Ecuadorian and one Colombian.

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This Tuesday afternoon, the Mexican government raised to 40 the number of migrants killed by a fire in a center of the National Institute of Migration (INM) in Juarez Cityon the border with the United States, and placed the number of injured at 28.

As of 2:00 p.m. local time, there is a record of 40 deceased foreign migrants and 28 injured; In addition, assistance is provided to 15 foreign women of legal age who were evicted from the provisional stay when the fire started in the accommodation area of ​​the immigration headquarters”, added the National Institute of Migration (INM) of Mexico in a statement.

The INM said that it indicates that it collaborates with the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) and with the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) with “testimonies and evidence to clarify the truth of what happened”, on Monday night in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

Source: Elcomercio

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