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The United States will grant humanitarian permission to migrants injured in the fire in Ciudad Juárez

USA will give a humanitarian permit to migrants who were injured during a fire in a detention center in Mexico that killed 38 people.

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The US authorities are “prepared to use a humanitarian parole (…) to allow seriously injured individuals to receive intensive care” in health centers in the country, said lto Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in a statement to EFE.

Migrants who receive a humanitarian permit may enter temporarily in USAas stipulated on the CBP website.

Last Monday night, 38 migrants from South and Central America died in a fire at a station of the National Institute of Migration (INM) in Juarez City, on the US border

The US regretted yesterday the death of the migrants and pointed out that the tragedy is a “heartbreaking reminder” of the risks that people face on their journey to United States territory.

Leaked security videos show impassive agents while detained migrants asked them to open the door, and compatriots of the victims have denounced that the tragedy “could be avoided.”

A fire broke out on the night of Monday the 27th in the Provisional Stay of Ciudad Juárez, administered by the National Institute of Migration of Mexico, has left at least 40 dead. (HERIKA MARTINEZ / AFP /)

the border between USA and Mexico It has come under pressure due to the use by the Government of Joe Biden of Title 42, a health regulation that allows the hot expulsions of migrants of some nationalities.

The fire victims were identified by the attorney general’s office Mexico as 28 Guatemalans, 13 Hondurans, 13 Venezuelans, 12 Salvadorans, 1 Ecuadorian and 1 Colombianwithout specifying between deaths and injuries.

All these countries except Colombia and Ecuadorare subject to expulsion under the regulations, which are expected to be repealed on May 11.

Under Title 42, imposed by former President Donald Trump (2017-2021), USA has carried out more than 2.5 million expulsions of migrants, according to data from the International Rescue Committee.

According to Mexican civil organizations, 2022 was the most tragic year for migrants in Mexico, as nearly 900 died trying to cross without documents from the country to state Joined.

Source: Elcomercio

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