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Moving Pablo Escobar’s hippos from Colombia to Mexico and India will cost $3.5 million

authorities of Colombia progress in the procedures to send 70 hippos to wildlife sanctuaries in India and Mexicoin an operation that will cost 3.5 million dollars and will mitigate the havoc caused by this unusual legacy of the despondent drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Since the cocaine baron brought some of these animals to his ranch in the department of antioch (northwest) the herd reproduces without control before the impotence of the environmental authorities.

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The entire operation should cost around $3.5 million.”, he told the press this Wednesday Ernesto Zazuetaowner of Ostok Shrine in the north of Mexicowhere ten of these enormous mammals would be welcomed.

The transfer seeks “save the life” of these animals native to Africa, declared an invasive species by the Ministry of Environment of Colombia last year, which opened the door to an eventual hunt.

According to the president of the region where the herd of about 150 individuals is located, Hannibal Gaviriajust missing a kind of “passport of the hippos, which will be issued by the Ministry of the Environment”.

The goal is to move themin the first half of this year”, specified Gaviria, governor of Antioquia.

After Escobar’s death in a police operation in 1993, the animals were left to their own devices and have been populating the region of medium cupcakea hot savannah crossed by rivers, swamps and swamps.

Gaviria and Zazueta plan to bait them into corrals where they will remain confined before being placed in special crates for transport by air to the sanctuaries.

The next step is the contracting of the planes (and the) construction of the crates (…) We are going to start with India, then we will go to Mexico”, explained Zazueta, president of the Association of Zoos, Hatcheries and Aquariums of Mexico.

The majority, 60 specimens, will go to a wildlife sanctuary in India, the name of which was not disclosed.

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The government tried an unsuccessful sterilization program to control the population.

Experts and the area’s environmental authority (Cornare) then agreed that hunting them was “a necessary option”, given the threat they represent to the local population and fauna.

Here we are in the quest to save the lives of hippos, but also to protect the lives of people in the medium cupcake (…) it is a risk to the tranquility and life of people”, explained the government in a bulletin.

Source: Elcomercio

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