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Bolsonaro returns to Brazil for the first time after losing elections to Lula

The ex-president Jair Bolsonaro returned this Thursday to Brazilafter spending three months in the United States, a country to which he traveled two days before leaving power, in the midst of a strong security scheme set up at the Brasilia airport.

The Gol airline commercial flight from Orlando, which was scheduled to arrive at 7:10 (10:10 GMT), landed 25 minutes earlier.

For security reasons, Bolsonaro He left the airport through a restricted area, without going through the lobby, where journalists and dozens of supporters were waiting, They carried Brazilian flags.

The far-right leader, who is facing several investigations in different judicial instances, then went to the headquarters of the Liberal Party (PL), where he was received by his wife Michelle, his son Senator Flávio, political allies and the president of the formation, Valdemar Costa Neto.

At the party headquarters, after a warm reception by his co-religionists, Bolsonaro went out to greet the dozens of people who had gathered outside the buildingbut did not give any statement.

A strong security scheme was set up for the arrival of Bolsonaro, due to the mobilizations in recent days on social networks by his followers, in which 500 agents were deployed to reinforce surveillance of the airport and its surroundings.

Despite the announcement by the authorities to restrict access to the air terminal, Dozens of his followers gathered in the airport lobby with flags and shouts of “myth”, although without being able to greet the former president.

Follower Fátima Morrana, a resident of Brasilia for four decades, told EFE that Bolsonaro “is the best hope for Brazil to return to order” and all they are doing against him is “fake news” and ” intrigues” so that he “loses his popularity”.

It was difficult to conquer him and that is why he will never leave the heart of the Brazilian people and this will remain in history”, added Morrana, who stated that the followers of the ex-governor “seem quiet, but they are working in silence”.

Another of his followers, Humberto Santos, who spent the whole night at the airport, celebrated that Bolsonaro will settle in Brasilia from now on to “fight” for a country that, in his opinion, “is ungoverned.”

The now ex-president will reside in a mansion ceded by the PL, formation of which will be its honorary president starting next week.

The regional authorities of Brasilia also announced that this Thursday they will establish blockades around the public buildings in the Esplanade of the Ministries, where the headquarters of the three powers are located, to avoid disturbances.

On January 8, thousands of radical Bolsonaristas invaded and devastated the offices of the Presidency, the National Congress and the Supreme Court, in an attempted coup, perpetrated a week after the inauguration of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Before boarding in Orlando, the president told CNN Brazil at the airport that he will not lead the opposition to Lula’s government, but that he will contribute his “experience” of more than three decades in politics “to change what is needed be changed” in the country.

There is no need to oppose this Government. This government is an opposition by itself given the qualification of those who compose it”, said the former ruler.

In Orlando, Bolsonaro stayed at the house of the mixed martial arts fighter Jose Aldoled a normal life with visits to supermarkets, restaurants and temples and participated with the former US president donald trump at a conservative political forum in Miami.

Bolsonaro’s return to Brazil generated even more expectation after his problems with the Justice system have worsened in recent months, which has included him in an investigation into the events of January 8, which he is processing in the Supreme Court.

In recent weeks, the judges have opened another case for some jewelry gifts that he received from Saudi Arabia and that he did not declare at customs and for this reason the Federal Police already summoned him for April 5 to testify about the affair.

Five processes remain in the Supreme Court, but in the courts of first instance, now as a common citizen, he is processing a dozen cases, although for the moment, he has not been formally charged in any case.

Source: Elcomercio

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