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USA: Donald Trump indicted but not released by his camp

Everyone rallied around Trump. As soon as the indictment became known, Republicans united around the former president, condemning the “scandalous abuse of power,” according to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy …

Donald Trump is due to appear on Tuesday, April 4, in a suspicious transaction case during the 2016 presidential campaign. This is “a travesty of justice that should never have happened in the best country in the world,” Republican Senator Tim Scott added. “This unprecedented accusation is a scandal,” insisted Mike Pence, his former vice president.

And even Ron DeSantis, his most feared rival in the race for the 2024 Republican nomination for the White House, offered his support: “That the legal system is currently being used as a weapon to advance the political agenda subverts the rule of law.” ,” the state governor said. Florida. And he promised that he would not help the authorities extradite Trump to New York if Trump challenged the court decision.

However, just two days ago, Trump openly ridiculed him on Fox. “When he wanted to be governor of Florida, DeSantis came in with tears in his eyes and asked me to support him,” he said with a smile. So I supported him and he left. If I hadn’t, he would be working at a pizzeria or at a law firm right now…”

Blaming Trump Will Cause Chaos in the US

DeSantis’ unconditional support speaks to Trump’s extraordinary power over the Republican Party. His indictment – in which case it would have been at least thirty counts, the NY Times understands – activated the famous “Republican base”, the billionaire’s unqualified supporters. Criticizing Trump at this time would be politically suicidal for his rivals.

Thus, they go all out against Democratic Attorney Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s first black prosecutor. Recalling that Bragg’s predecessor renounced prosecution of Trump, they accuse him of wanting to overthrow the former president at any cost. And they claim he was elected thanks to the money of billionaire George Soros, the pet peeve of the Republicans.

The reaction in some circles is more alarming. “This is probably not the best time to give up on your AR-15s,” #1 Fox commentator Tucker Carlson said Thursday night. The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that has become the weapon of choice for mass murderers in the United States. It was used in 10 of the 17 deadliest massacres. One of his guests, Glenn Beck, another far-right figure, predicted that Trump’s indictment would “cause havoc” in the United States.

“The constitution does not prohibit Trump from becoming president, even if he was in prison”

No other former president in the history of the United States has gone through the trial ritual that Trump will probably go through next Tuesday, like any defendant: name, age, profession, police portrait of the face and profile, fingerprinting and present to the judge …

But nothing in US law prohibits an accused or even a convicted person from running for elected office and taking office if he wins. “The Constitution does not prevent Trump from becoming president, even if he was in prison,” recalls columnist for the Los Angeles Times Noah Bierman.

“I am not afraid of what will happen,” Trump said in a message to his supporters hours after the indictment was announced. This is the battle I volunteered for when I decided eight years ago to take over the whole Washington machine (…) and be your voice. Nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy, and I can’t think of anything more rewarding than the noble mission of saving America. And he took the opportunity to ask them to contribute to the funding of his campaign.

Source: Le Parisien

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