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They give preventive detention to five detainees for fire in the immigration station in Ciudad Juárez

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) accused before a federal judge of homicide and injuries to five presumed involved in the fire at the Ciudad Juárez Migration Station, in which 39 migrants died and 28 were injured.

In an initial hearing held this Friday, the FGR made available to the judge of the Federal Criminal Justice Center, with residence in Ciudad Juárez, Ernesto Cornejo Angelesthree members of the National Migration Institute, a private security guard and a migrant of Venezuelan nationalitywhich apparently started the conflagration inside the immigration facilities.

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After the initiation of the imputation procedure, the judge decreed a recess so that the defendants’ defense could access all the records that are in the investigation folder initiated by the Federal Public Ministry.

The defense of the three immigration agents, the security guard and the Venezuelan migrant accepted the duplicity of the constitutional term that expires on April 4 at 07:00, the time at which the hearing will resume in which it will be decided. if they are linked to process.

For the moment, the judge imposed the measure of preventive detention on them, for which they were detained in the Social Readaptation Centers state 2 and 3, of the state of Chihuahua.

The FGR Human Rights Prosecutor, Sara Irene Herrerias He stated that an arrest warrant against a private security element remains to be completed.

The FGR charges the detainees with the crimes of homicide and injury, related to the death of 39 migrants and 28 injuries, of the following nationalities: 28 Guatemalans, 14 Hondurans, 12 Salvadorans, 12 Venezuelans and 1 Colombian.

Source: Elcomercio

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