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They find the bodies of eight people who tried to cross from Canada into the United States

The police explained on Friday that the six bodies found the day before in a swamp in Canada They were from migrants trying to cross the border into USA and announced the discovery of two other victims.

The bodies, including two children, were discovered near an overturned boat belonging to a missing man from the community. Akwesasne Mohawkthe officers reported.

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“A total of eight bodies have been recovered from the waters”said the local police chief, Shawn Duludein a press conference.

On Thursday night, the bodies of six people belonging to two families were found, one of Romanian origin with Canadian passports and the other from India, among which was a child under the age of three.

At the press conference on Friday, the discovery of two other people was reported, a minor “Canadian citizen of Romanian origin and a woman who would be of India.

Canadian authorities believe they were all trying to enter USA illegally from Canada.

Mohawk tribal territory extends into both the Canadian provinces of Quebec and ontarian as in the US state of NY.

The capsized boat was described as “very small” to face weather conditions of rain, sleet and strong winds.

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“It was not a good time to be in the water”the deputy police chief said earlier in a press conference Lee Ann O’Brien.

Dulude added that sometimes this type of crossing was facilitated by local residents, particularly young people attracted by money or exploited by criminal organizations.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeauin statements to journalists regretted what he called “a devastating situation” and sent a message of condolence to the families of the deceased.

Officer O’Brien indicated that with 48 crossings in 2023, there is a recent “increase in people passing through Akwesasne seeking entrance to USA.

Once on US soil, people are generally picked up at the shore and transported by vehicle to the state of NYhe added.

During the US President’s visit Joe Biden to Canada Last week, the two countries reached an agreement to handle the growing problem of undocumented migration on their long border.

The agreement will make undocumented asylum seekers crossing from USA to Canada are returned, while Canada it will simultaneously expand the pathway for legal entry.

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Source: Elcomercio

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