WorldViolent collision between coach and truck kills 13

Violent collision between coach and truck kills 13


In a very tragic way, the Algerian roads showed once again on Sunday that they were particularly dangerous. Thirteen people died and eight injured in a spectacular collision between a passenger coach and a truck, emergency services said.

The road accident occurred at a place called Oued Khebaza, in the wilaya (prefecture) of Naâma 650 km southwest of Algiers, civil protection said in a statement on its Facebook page. The bus served the route between the towns of Sidi Bel Abbes and Boussemghoune.

“What a painful ordeal for Algeria”

A video broadcast by several media shows a bus whose front part is completely sunk while the truck has lost its trailer which overturned on the road. The eight injured were evacuated to a local hospital.

The National Gendarmerie has opened an investigation to determine the causes of this accident. President Abdelmajid Tebboune for his part presented “his condolences to the families” and “his wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded”. “What a painful ordeal for Algeria to lose its children in disastrous accidents, such as the one that occurred at Oued Khebaza in Naâma,” he tweeted.

Better thanks to health restrictions

The speed of motorists, including public transport drivers, is the main cause of road accidents in Algeria, according to the National Road Safety Delegation, a government agency.

In 2020, however, due to travel restrictions imposed to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, traffic accidents decreased by 13.16% compared to 2019, according to the government body. Algeria recorded nearly 19,000 road accidents in 2020, which killed 2,844, against 22,507 accidents that killed 3,275 in 2019. The number of accidents recorded in 2020 was the lowest since 1970 and the number of lowest deaths since 1975, according to the delegation.



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