WorldFor lack of manpower, a restaurateur installs robots that...

For lack of manpower, a restaurateur installs robots that serve customers


The manager of the restaurant La Dunia, based in Dallas, Texas (United States), decided to use robots to perform the service. If he chose this solution, it is because he claims not to have found enough employees, reports
CNN, relayed by Capital, this Saturday.

Indeed, if customers are gradually returning to his restaurant after the health crisis, Espartaco Borgan claims to lack manpower. “The only people who haven’t come back are the employees. Suddenly we had sometimes twice as much work, but only a third of the staff. Everyone was overwhelmed, overworked, and therefore frustrated. Both customers and staff, ”he explained.

“If you touch them, they can laugh and chat with you”

Faced with this observation and the large number of positions still vacant, Espartaco Borgan had an idea. He decided to hire a company specializing in the design of robots. Today, he rents robots for $ 15, or about $ 12.70, per day to provide the service. They can bring the dishes, help the customers but also interact with them, and sing “Happy Birthday” to them.

“If you touch them, they can laugh and chat with you,” added the one who has managed La Dunia since 2001. According to Espartaco Borgan, the robots in no way take the place of employees since “nobody wants to work in the field. right now “. In addition, thanks to the presence of the robots, the manager of the establishment declared that he could better pay his employees.



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