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United States: boy is in ICU after being stabbed by man he called “NPC”

a mother of USA He created a GoFundMe collection with the aim of paying for his son’s medical expenses, who was stabbed while he was in a Dollar Tree store -a well-known chain in that country-.

According to what she herself recounted, the events occurred on March 22: “My name is Shanai and as a single mother of three, I swallow my pride and write this to ask the community for help during my family’s time of need.”start by saying

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Local media such as HeraldNet shared the story of the Prosecutor’s Office. Apparently, the 11-year-old boy called the aforementioned “NPC”, a popular term among those who are fans of video games and which means Non Playable Character (non-playable character, in Spanish); although it is related to that character who has no identity or personality.

This would have unleashed the anger of the 29-year-old man, who he understood that he was being insulted. Immediately afterwards, he followed the minor and his companion -13 years old- through the premises, and he stabbed the first with a kitchen knife.

“Arriving officers found the injured child in the back of the store with an employee. He was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett before being transferred to the trauma unit at Harborview Medical Center in S”, narrates the mentioned medium.

The minor is in the ICU, as he has a perforated lung and liver: “This ordeal left our family with more complications than we can count,” adds the mother.

Therefore, while the man remains in custody, Shanai asks for help from anyone who can help him: “Anything will help us in the process of trying to turn this tragedy into a success story for our family,” he says in the GoFundMe.

Source: Elcomercio

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