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Military forces from Venezuela and Colombia operate “allies” against the ELN, says Petro

The military forces of Venezuela and Colombia They are “allies” in their fight against the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN), which operates on both sides of the border, the Colombian president reported this Friday. Gustavo Petro.

Although the THE N has been holding peace negotiations with the Colombian government since November, the fighting between rebels and the public forces continues.

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The guerrillas, who next year will celebrate 60 years of armed uprising, refused to take part in a bilateral truce that Petro he proposed to her on New Years.

“To that extent there is a military confrontation that now has a new ingredient: the military forces in Venezuela They are acting in alliance with the Colombian government, with its army, taking away a space that was previously very free for the THE Nthe president told Semana magazine.

Close to the Venezuelan president Nicolas MaduroPetro turned the relationship between the two countries upside down.

His predecessor, the right-wing Ivan Duque (2018-2022)had broken diplomatic ties with Venezuela in 2019 to pressure Maduro’s removal from power and as support for the opposition leader Juan Guaido.

He also constantly denounced that the THE N and other guerrillas from the FARC Those who walked away from the 2016 peace agreement were taking refuge on the other side of the porous 2,200-kilometre border.

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Petroin power since August, resumed relations and calls for a negotiated solution to the political crisis in Venezuela. Next week Bogota It will host an international conference that seeks to ease tensions between Chavismo and the opposition.

According to the intelligence of Colombia and independent studies, members of the THE N They travel freely between both countries, especially in the Colombian departments of Norte de Santander and Arauca and the Venezuelan states of Zulia and Táchira.

There they traffic cocaine and exploit illegal mines.

After an attack by THE N that left nine Colombian soldiers dead on March 29, Petro considers it essential to agree to a truce with the guerrillas.

Peace negotiations began in Caracasthen moved to Mexico City and will resume in Havana beginnings of May.

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Source: Elcomercio

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