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Inter-American Court of Human Rights says in Chile that “democracy is tolerance”

The president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IDH Court), Ricardo Perez Manriquesaid this Monday that “democracy is tolerance” and urged to address the great challenges of the region, such as security and migration, from the perspective of human rights.

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“It is not admissible to see political adversaries as enemies. The only way to achieve sustainable development is through peaceful coexistence, following the rules of the democratic gameindicated the Uruguayan magistrate during the inauguration in Santiago of the 157th Ordinary Period of Sessions of the regional court.

Perez Manrique also called for the protection of human rights “at all times, even in crisis situations”and reject the speeches “authoritarian” in the region that seek to ignore fundamental rights “in the name of sovereignty or internal order”.

“The human rights They are not antagonistic to security, quite the contrary, they have to be the key to addressing security challenges”he added in a ceremony at the Chilean Foreign Ministry, where the court will hold three public hearings against the States of Colombia, Brazil and Paraguay.

Tuesday will start the first hearing in which the indigenous people U’wa confronts the state Colombia for the alleged lack of effective protection of the right to ancestral property.

Wednesday will be the turn of the case of the communities Quilombolas de Alcántara against the State of Brazil for the alleged failure to issue property titles to their lands and the installation of an aerospace base without the alleged due consultation.

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The last hearing will be held on Friday and will deal with the confrontation of Arnaldo Javier Cordoba and his son with the State of Paraguayan for alleged violation of rights in the framework of a process of international restitution of a minor.

“Being part of the inter-American system means that beyond national borders, of the conditions of poverty or vulnerability, race, sex, sexual orientation, language, religion or political opinions Those who live in this country are protected by different institutions”added the magistrate.

The visit of the inter-American court occurs days before Chile holds elections on May 7 to elect the 50 councilors who will draft the second proposal for a new Constitutiona process that is “a demonstration of democracy and dialogue for the construction of a fairer and more equitable democracyaccording to Pérez Manrique.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by both the representatives of the Chilean Judiciary and the Minister of Justice and Human rights, louis corderoand the chancellor alberto van klaverenwho highlighted the commitment of Chili with inter-American justice and recalled that the country has had 4 judges in court.

Source: Elcomercio

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