WorldCriminalized by an old law on homosexuality, 249 men...

Criminalized by an old law on homosexuality, 249 men compensated


In Germany, 249 men will be compensated by the Federal Office of Justice for having been victims of an old law on homosexuality. Male homosexuality was in fact prohibited by paragraph 175 of the Penal Code between 1871 and 1969 because it was considered “unnatural”, reports Slate, this Tuesday.

This article had been reinforced by the Nazi government under the Third Reich. Homosexuals were then sentenced to ten years of forced labor and, in some cases, sent to concentration camps. The law criminalizing homosexuality was finally abolished in West Germany (FRG) and East Germany (GDR) respectively in 1969 and 1968, when homosexuality was legally permitted.

317 applications filed

The German parliament apologized in 2000 for retaining paragraph 175 after the war. The convictions of homosexuals under the Nazi regime were immediately overturned, but not those dating from after the Second World War. Men convicted after the war had to wait until 2017 for their victim status to be officially recognized. The same year, compensation of 3,000 euros per person and 1,500 euros per year in prison was decided by lawmakers.

In total, 317 requests were filed under this financial compensation scheme. So far, 249 files have been validated, 18 have been rejected and 14 are still being processed. In addition, 36 people retracted. The people concerned have until July 21, 2022 to file a claim for compensation with the Federal Office of Justice, which has already disbursed 860,000 euros as part of this operation.



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