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Petro’s government confirms that it expelled Juan Guaidó from Colombia: this was his departure

The Colombian government ruled on the departure of Juan Guaido from Colombia. In a statement, the Foreign Ministry reported that in the afternoon, Migration Colombia “drove Mr. Juan Guaidó, a Venezuelan national, who was in Bogotá irregularly, to the El Dorado airport with the aim of verifying his departure on an airline trade to the United States, overnight.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the ticket for the flight to the city of Miami, USA, was purchased by the opposition leader.

LOOK: Juan Guaidó is expelled from Colombia by order of Petro and goes to Miami

On the other hand, they assured: “It is not true then that the national government has had a plane to transfer Mr. Guaidó to that country. Migration Colombia is vigilant that this trip occurs without any delay.

Guaidó’s departure occurs hours before the conference called by the government of President Gustavo Petror to talk about the political situation in Venezuela, where representatives of 19 countries and the European Union will attend.

The opposition leader entered Colombia at dawn on Monday, according to him, “on foot” through the Colombian-Venezuelan border. Guaidó left Venezuela despite an order that prohibits him from leaving his country. Besides, he has warrants for his arrest. There are at least three cases against him and each one contemplates multiple crimes indicated by the Maduro regime.

He deputy had planned to participate in the demonstrations against Maduro that have been called for this Tuesday in Bogotásimultaneously with the summit of foreign ministers and representatives that Colombia convened and that was endorsed by the government of US President Joe Biden.

Source: Elcomercio

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