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Petro affirms that he would have offered asylum to Juan Guaidó if he had asked for it

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petroassured this Tuesday that his government would have offered, “with great pleasure”, asylum to the Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaido if he had asked to enter Colombia, but he did it “illegally” and that is why he had to leave last night for USA.

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Guaidó denounced this morning that he was removed from Colombia After the “persecution” and the “threatsof the Government of Nicolas Maduro “They spread” to the Andean country, but the Colombian authorities assure that the process fulfilled all the guarantees and experts consider that technically it was not an expulsion.

In this regard, the Colombian president indicated that if Guaidó “He just walks in with his passport and asks for asylum. She would have gladly offered herself. You do not have to enter the country illegally”.

But in the absence of this request, “he was offered a transit permit, he was not deported back to his country, and with the permission of USA flew to that countryPeter added.

Guaidówhich is prohibited from leaving Venezuela for having various judicial processes open against him, he said yesterday that he reached Colombiawhere he hoped to meet with the international delegations that will participate in the international conference on his country, convened by Petroand which is celebrated today in Bogota.

Twenty countries have been invited to this meeting to address the Venezuelan situation and try to unclog the dialogue in Mexico between the government of Nicolas Maduro and the anti-Chavista opposition.

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However, the Colombian Foreign Ministry reported last night that “in the afternoon, Migration Colombia took Mr. Juan Guaidoof Venezuelan nationality who was in Bogotá irregularly, at the El Dorado airport with the aim of verifying his departure on a commercial airline to the United States, during the night.

“The procedure had all the guarantees of due process and the right to defense”said the CEO of Colombian Migration, Fernando Garciawho added that this “does not constitute a sanction” against Guaidó“who was found in good health during his short stay” with the accompaniment of Colombian Migration.

The opposition leader was the trigger for the rupture of diplomatic relations between the two countries on February 23, 2019, after he organized an operation to bring humanitarian aid to his country through Colombia.

His participation in the international conference on Tuesday – in which neither Chavismo nor the opposition will participate – was not expected, but he was going to try to hold meetings with invited countries and meetings with the Venezuelan diaspora.

In fact, the Colombian Foreign Ministry he insisted that he had not invited “to this space to the lord Juan GuaidoTherefore, their attendance at the Conference is not counted on”given that “It is a meeting space with part of the international community”.

Source: Elcomercio

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