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Witness in New York rape trial accuses Donald Trump of sexual assault

Witness in New York rape trial accuses Donald Trump of sexual assault

Witness in New York rape trial accuses Donald Trump of sexual assault

Jessica Leeds said this Tuesday in a trial that a Manhattan court instructs against the former president donald trump for rape and defamation, that the Republican mogul sexually assaulted her on a flight in the late 1970s.

Leeds, 81, was summoned as a witness for the defense of the writer and former journalist E. Jean Carroll, who has sat the former president on the bench (2017-2022) for rape and defamation.

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Leeds recounted in Manhattan federal court that “in 1978-79,” on a plane bound for New York, he had to get up from his seat in first class because a businessman, referring to Trump, he had tried to kiss her neck and touch her.

There were no words, it came out of nowhere (…) He tried to kiss me, to touch my breasts ”, said Leeds in the civil process that began last week after allegations of rape and defamation by Carroll, 79, who is seeking economic compensation from Trump.

Under oath, he explained that he found the strength to get up when Trump “He put his hands under my shirt.”

It seemed to me that it lasted an eternity.”despite the fact that only a few “seconds” passed, said the witness for Carroll’s defense, who accuses Trump of having raped her in a changing room of a New York department store in 1996.

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Jessica Leeds had already spoken about this case in The New York Times in 2016, a few weeks before the presidential election that led to Trump to the White House.

Trump had refuted allegations of sexual assault during the debate before the Democrat Hillary Clinton for the presidential elections of that year, which “enraged” Jessica Leeds.

I was furious because I was lying.” recalled Leeds, who has been called as a witness to try to persuade the 9 jurors of the predatory behavior of Trump.

donald trumpwho has not appeared at the trial, refutes the accusations and assures that he did not know the journalist who was a columnist for Elle magazine.

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The case is one of several legal challenges facing the 76-year-old Republican, who is seeking a return to the White House in next year’s elections.

Last month, the mogul pleaded not guilty in a criminal case related to paying a porn actress under black before the 2016 election.

Trump He is also being investigated for his attempt to reverse the results of the 2020 election in the state of Georgia, as well as his handling of secret documents and his involvement in his supporters’ break-in of the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

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