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Israel attacks Gaza after intense day of rocket fire from the Strip

Israel attacks Gaza after intense day of rocket fire from the Strip

Israel attacks Gaza after intense day of rocket fire from the Strip

The army Israeli tonight attacked positions of Loop in response to the firing during the day of almost 40 projectiles towards his territory by militias from the Strip, in the midst of an escalation of tension that broke out after the death of the prisoner Palestinian Jader Adnan after 86 days on hunger strike.

The Israeli Army is attacking the Gaza Strip”, declared a military spokesman, who did not yet specify details about the targets attacked.

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Inside Gaza, explosions were heard in its central and northern area, amid the drone and flight of drones and combat planes, reported charges from the enclave’s security apparatus, governed by the Islamist group Hamas and under Israeli blockade since 2007.

No injuries were reported from the bombardments, although there was material damage to the homes of people who were close to the attacked points, local media from the Strip specified.

In a statement, Hamas condemned tonight’s Israeli airstrikes, saying they will not deter “to the Palestinian resistance to fulfill its national duty to defend its people”.

In turn, after the Israeli attacks, the anti-aircraft alarms sounded again in Israeli towns adjacent to the Strip.

After the death this morning on hunger strike of Adnan, a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (YIP) and the first Palestinian prisoner to die in such circumstances since 1983, at least 37 projectiles – 30 rockets and 7 mortars – were fired in several bursts from Gaza starting early in the morning, which continued throughout the day.

The Gaza Joint Chamber of Operations– which is made up of armed factions in the enclave, including the Islamist movements Hamas and the YIP – claimed responsibility for the shooting in response to the death of Adnan, and said it would carry out more launches.

Islamic Jihad – also with a strong military presence in Gaza – warned Israel that “will pay the price” for the death of Adnan, which sparked protests and a strike in the Palestinian territories.

Among the rockets fired on Tuesday were some that hit construction sites in the Israeli city of sderot that caused shrapnel injuries to three Chinese workers. One of them was seriously injured and two others slightly.

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However, after a day marked by bursts of projectiles in the Israeli areas bordering Gaza, Israel – which usually responds militarily to any attack from the enclave – chose to wait until nightfall to counterattack.

In recent years there have been several spikes in violence of varying degrees between Israel and the Gaza militias.

In May 2021, an 11-day escalation of war left 260 Palestinians dead and 13 people on the Israeli side. In turn, in August 2022 there were three days of intense exchange of fire between Islamic Jihad and Israel that left some fifty dead in Gaza.

Source: Elcomercio

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