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Zelensky asks NATO for “a clear message” that Ukraine will join the Alliance after the war

Zelensky asks NATO for “a clear message” that Ukraine will join the Alliance after the war

Zelensky asks NATO for “a clear message” that Ukraine will join the Alliance after the war

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyasked this Thursday for a “very clear message” from the NATO about what Ukraine he will be able to join the Alliance “after the war”.

SWe are realistic. We know that we will not join NATO during the war, but we want to get a very clear message that we will join the NATO after the war“, said Zelensky at a press conference in The Hague together with the Dutch Prime Minister, mark rutteand the Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander DeCroo.

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Rutte stated that his country “supports Ukraine’s ambitions in NATO” and specified that the preparatory work for the summit of the alliance next July in Vilnius it includes efforts to “take some step” in the final declaration of the leaders regarding Ukraine’s entry into the body and not to use formulas from previous summits.

Zelensky, who showed himself “convinced” of the victory against Russiareturned to demand the delivery of weapons “as quickly as possible” and, in particular, asked Netherlands and Belgium to help Ukraine to create a coalition of countries willing to give him armored vehicles to complement the supply of tanks that the Western allies are already giving him.

The visit of the Ukrainian president to Netherlands It coincided with the commemoration in that country of the liberation from the Nazi regime in 1945.

All countries in Europe and in USA they know what the Hitler regime brought to Europe. Just blood and victims. It is a tragedy that today, we are once again fighting the regime”, said the Ukrainian president.

We send messages to different parliaments, leaders, not to allow the regime of Russia of involving all of us in a world war.” Zelensky added.

The Ukrainian president also insisted on the need for his allies to help Ukraine economically to rebuild the country, although he acknowledged that there are “legal issues” in the EU countries to be able to use the frozen funds of the Russian Central Bank, although he said that they are “looking for the appropriate mechanisms” for this.

De Croo, For his part, he assured that, based on European sanctions, Belgium has frozen approximately 200 billion Russian assets since the start of the war that it is using “for the Ukrainian war efforts and to support Ukrainian refugees in Belgium.

Zelensky he met with Rutte and De Croo after giving a speech at the World Forum in Haguewhere he called for the creation of a special court “to punish the crimes of Russian aggression”, from the headquarters of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Source: Elcomercio

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