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“Juan Guaidó’s rat fled to coordinate the robbery of the Citgo company abroad,” Maduro accuses

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduroaffirmed this Thursday that the opponent Juan Guaidowhich arrived last week at Miami (Florida) from Colombiafled” to coordinate the “heist” of citgoa subsidiary of the Venezuelan oil company pdvsa in USA.

the rat of Juan Guaido fled to coordinate abroad the robbery of the company citgo”, said the president in an act broadcast by the state channel Venezuelan Television (VTV).

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On Monday, the Treasury Department American decided, through general license number 42, not to take “coercive measures” to block the auction or a negotiated deal on Citgo.

Venezuelan opposition politician Juan Guaidó speaks to the press in Miami, Florida, on April 27, 2023. (Photo by Giorgio Viera / AFP) (GIORGIO VIERA /)

The license authorizes Parliament for the 2016-2021 period, made up of a broad opposition majority and replaced in 2021 by a Chavista-majority legislature, to carry out “certain transactions” regarding “any government debt Venezuela”, pdvsa either “any entity“in which the state company owns”an interest of 50% or more”.

The decision also allows the “negotiation of conciliation agreements” with people designated by this Legislature, considered by the US as the last democratically elected institution in Venezuela.

In relation to this decision, Maduro maintained that what the Government of USAhas no equal”.

Did’nt dared donald trump to do it, hand over the Citgo company into their hands, so that they could sell it how they wanted, when they wanted, he didn’t dare“, said.

Guaidó arrived last week at Miami with the help of the United States Department of State, after denouncing that it was “expelled” of Colombia.

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The politician had arrived in the Andean country, crossing the land border with Venezuela, to meet with representatives of the countries that participated in a conference, held in Bogotaon the situation in Venezuela, among which was the US.

The former deputy said on Tuesday that he rules out requesting asylum in the US for now and affirmed that he is only “visit“in that country and that his intention is to return to Venezuela, while saying that for this he needs first”protection and safety“since his life”is at risk” for the alleged persecution of the Venezuelan government.

Source: Elcomercio

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