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Biden will veto a Republican plan to resume the wall with Mexico if it comes to his table

The president of USA, Joe Bidenwill veto an initiative presented by the republicans in the country’s Congress, which seeks, among other things, to resume the construction of the wall with Mexico to stop the migration irregular.

This was announced this Monday by the White House spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierrein his daily press briefing, in which he described the Republicans’ HR2 legislative proposal as a “disaster” for border security and a “Christmas gift” for human traffickers.

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would lead to more migration illegal by blocking legal avenues of protection, it would trample on our nation’s core values ​​and international obligations into a boon for dictators around the world”, he predicted.

Jean-Pierre added that instead of allocating more resources for security technology at the border and for immigration officials and judges, it would mean a “waste” dollars in a “ineffective wall”.

legislators of the House of Representatives of the United States, under Republican control, debated last week that draft law that not only seeks to resume the construction of the wall with Mexicobut also restrict government aid to organizations that help migrantsamong other measures.

On the other hand, the US government spokeswoman criticized the announcement made this Monday by the governor of Texasthe republican greg abbottto deploy a new unit of the National Guard that will operate with helicopters to prevent the entry of migrants from Mexico.

Abbott also prepares laws to consider a “Serious felony” the illegal entry and allow the expulsion of migrants.

All this before the uprising next Thursday of the Title 42a rule imposed by the former president donald trump (2017-2021) in March 2020 for which the US has been expelling migrants expeditiously under the pretext of the pandemic.

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Jean-Pierre lamented that Abbott refuses to coordinate with federal authorities and complained that he is going to speak to the conservative television network Fox News first than to government agencies.

This is political theater for him, he’s not really addressing the issue. This is going to create more chaos and confusion at the border, it is what he wants to do and what he chooses to do. That’s not what we want to do”, highlighted the spokeswoman.

Source: Elcomercio

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