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Ephemeris of May 26: What happened in the world on a day like today?

In a May 26but in 2008, fifteen years ago, the largest prosecution against repressors in the country’s history began in Chile, in which 98 agents and collaborators of DINA, Augusto Pinochet’s secret police, were prosecuted for the disappearance in 1975 of 119 opponents.


1811.- He priest Morelos conquer the Mexican city of Tixtla.

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1896.- Coronation of Nicholas IIlast tsar of Russia.

.- Charles Dow creates the index known as the Dow Jones Industrialthe most traditional of Wall Street and reference for the rest of the world stock markets.

1918.- Georgia and Armenia proclaim their independence from Russia.

1929.- wilhelm neuenhofen achieves the world record for height in aviation, with 12,739 meters in a Junkers W-34.

1946.- The communists win the elections for Constituent Assembly in Czechoslovakia.

1965.- The generals Alfredo Ovando and Rene Barrientos jointly assume the presidency of bolivian.

1966.- The British Guiana gain independence within commonwealth.

1969.- It is signed in Caracas he Andean Pacteconomic integration program between bolivian, Colombia, Chili, Ecuador and Peru.

1972.- The US and the USSR sign the SALT agreements in Moscow about limitation of nuclear weapons.

1989.- End of the “summit” of the Arab League in Casablanca, Moroccowith the implicit recognition of the State of Israel and the request for an international conference for peace in middle East.

1999.- United Nations set the Vesak daythe holiest day for millions of buddhists in the world to coincide with the birth of Buddha in the year 623 BC

2004.- He government of sudan and the southern rebels sign in the city of Naivasha a new deal to end two decades of civil war.

2011.- The Bosnian Serb General ratko mladic is arrested and accused by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia of the genocide of 8,000 Muslims in srebrenicain 1995.

2013.- He Colombian government and the FARC reached important agreements on the agrarian question.

2018.- He wins referendum about him abortion in ireland with 66.4% of the votes.

2020.- The airline Latamthe largest of Latin Americadeclares bankruptcy due to the impact of the covid-19.

2021.- Amazon confirm the purchase Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for 8.450 million dollars.

.- 140 people disappeared when a ship sank in the niger rivernorthwest of Nigeria.

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1822.- Edmond de GoncourtFrench writer.

1877.- Isadora DuncanAmerican dancer and choreographer.

1883.- mommy smiththe “first lady of the blues”, American singer.

1885.- Jorge Cuevas BartholinChilean aristocrat creator of ballets.

1907.- John WayneAmerican film actor.

1912.- Janos KadarHungarian politician.

1913.- Peter CushingBritish actor.

1926.- Miles DavisAmerican musician and trumpeter.

1964.- Lenny (Albert) Kravitz RockerAmerican singer.

1966.- Helena Bonham CarterEnglish actress.

1968.- Fernando Leon de AranoaSpanish film director.


1976.- martin heideggerGerman philosopher.

2003.- bravo alfredoleader of the Argentine Socialist Party.

2006.- Edouard Michelinpresident of the French tire multinational.

2007.- Alberto Rojas Barriosthe baby”, Peruvian bullfighter.

2008.- sydney pollackAmerican filmmaker.

2015.- Vincent ArandaSpanish film direct.

2017.- Beatriz MaggiCuban essayist, critic and professor.

.- Gabriel Garcia ArdonHonduran journalist and politician.

.- Laura BiagiottiItalian designer.

2018.- Allan BeanAmerican astronaut and fourth man to set foot on the Moon.

2019.- Prem Tinsulanondaformer Thai prime minister.

2020.- Irmgard Hermannirm hermann”, German actress.

2021.- Roser BruSpanish-Chilean artist.

.- john davisAmerican singer.

.- Yvette HernandezCuban pianist.

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2022.- ray liottaAmerican actor.

.- Andy FletcherBritish musician and founding member of the band Depeche Mode.

.- Luigi Ciriaco de MitaItalian politician.

.- Alan WhiteBritish musician.

Source: Elcomercio

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