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20,000 stolen babies and 600 mothers are wanted in Argentina

20,000 stolen babies and 600 mothers are wanted in Argentina

20,000 stolen babies and 600 mothers are wanted in Argentina

The great experience acquired in the search for the biological origins of the children of the disappeared during the military dictatorship (1976-1983) has led to Argentina to also seek the identity of babies stolen for economic or social reasons: 20,000 children and 600 mothers are currently being sought.

“The search for the men and women that we appropriated during the dictatorship also generated doubts for people who were not natural children for other reasons. These people also need answers and the State is trying to give them.”assures EFE the Argentine secretary of Human rights, Horace Pietragalla.

The National Commission for the Right to Identity (Conadi)created in 1992 at the request of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo to search for his grandchildren, he has turned to locate those other children within the National Program for the Right to Biological Identity.

“The conadi it has existed for 30 years, that is, we have great expertise in the search for biological origins. And we noticed early on that the appropriation of children for political reasons intersects with the trafficking of babies for other causes.”explains the director of the conadiClaudia Carlotto.

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Is about “thousands and thousands of people, not as in the case of the children of the disappeared, who are estimated at 500″ (of those who have identified 132) for which reason “many financial resources have been needed to put together this program”adds the daughter of Estela Carlottothe symbol of the search for babies stolen by the Argentine dictatorship.

“But the time has come to do it and we have put our experience at the service of this search, which is another universe, much larger, with silence pacts, state complicity, doctors, hospitals, civil registries, it is a truly enormous task. ”.

Although search associations estimate 3 million people who do not know their identity in the country, Carlotto prefers to be cautious: “It is a task that is going to take a while and it has just begun” so it is not possible to quantify the cases, although remember that the conadi it has already helped more than 2,000 people to discover their origins.

“When they came people with great doubts about their identity, documentary research was carried out. And many cases were resolved that way, without the need for proof of dnawith birth books and adoption files.

Until now “We have been contacted by some 20,000 people who do not know their biological identityas well as 600 mothers who have come to claim that their children have been robbed or taken from them shortly after they were born.” Explain.

Why so many sons and so few mothers? “The mothers who were deprived of their children, because they were poor, underage, because the family was ashamed, feel a lot of pain, shame and guilt. We want them to understand that they were victims and to come closer, because it is likely that their son or daughter is looking for them.”.

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thanks to the campaign “Moms looking for”22 meetings of mothers with their children have been achieved, but “In addition, a phenomenon that we did not expect has happened: brothers who have found each other, even without knowing who their biological parents are”.

“It has been very exciting”recounts Carlottowhose sister Laura was kidnapped by the military when she was pregnant in 1977 and who was able to meet her nephew in 2014, after 37 years of searching.

That long struggle has turned Argentina into a world benchmark. “From the search for those of us who were appropriate, a lot of awareness was generated, including internationally: the articles in the International Children’s Convention have the right to identity thanks to the grandmothers requesthighlights Pietragalla.

Now, add, you work “with organizations of Spain and of Central Americaalso with the comprehensive policy of Human rightsas well as with Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Hondurasexplains the secretary, who has not forgotten the work of the Argentine forensic anthropology team, which has “trained professionals all over the world”.

And about the thousands of babies stolen in Spain during the Franco dictatorship, a practice that lasted until the 1990s, Pietragalla is clear that it was a plan to traffic minors similar to the Argentine one, but the regime of Frank “It lasted many years and annihilated the resistance component.”

Besides, “in Argentina Nobody discusses this issue, it is already settled, there is a total consensus “as it shows that “recently an attempt was made to benefit the genocidal with a reduction in sentences and the Argentine people took to the streets with the support of all political parties.”

Source: Elcomercio

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