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A leader of the assault on the United States Capitol is sentenced to eight and a half years in prison

jessica watkinsa veteran of the Armed forces Americans and a member of the far-right organization Oath Keeperswas sentenced this Friday to eight and a half years in prison for participating in a conspiracy to try to keep the former president donald trump in the power.

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The judgment against Watkins It comes a day after the jail sentences against Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, sentenced to 18 years, and another member of the group, were made public. Kelly Meggs, that he will have to spend 12 years behind bars for his participation in the assault on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

At the reading of the sentence, the judge Amit Mehta pointed out that Watkins participated in this plot in a way “more aggressive” than others and led other people in the assaultUS media reported.

The judge also reproached him for not having shown regret or guilt for what had happened until later -already during the legal proceedings-, but on the contrary, he did comments from “celebrationabout the attack on the headquarters of the Congress showing a complete lack of sense about the seriousness of what he had done.

Watkinswho in November was acquitted of the charge of conspiracy to commit sedition, has been sentenced this time for conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, for having tried to interrupt the assault on the Congress the ratification of Joe Biden as US president after winning the elections.

“No one would insinuate that you are stewart rhodesand I don’t think it is Kelly Meggsbut his role in these events is greater than that of a simple private”said the judge.

During the assault on Capitolwhich left 5 deaths and more than 140 officers injuredfollowers of Trump (2017-2021) broke into the headquarters of Congress while the two chambers were meeting to certify the electoral victory of Biden.

Source: Elcomercio

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