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Firefighters rescue a 250-kilo man trapped in the garbage in his apartment in Spain | VIDEO

A large deployment of authorities and machines was required in Spain to rescue a 250-kilo man who was locked in his home with health problems. The surprise was greater when the firefighters inspected the place: there were tons of garbage.

The titanic task took place in Barcelona. The subject from the early hours of the morning of May 25 contacted the emergency line because he was not feeling well; he had a leg with gangrene and other ailments. At 48 years old, he is a patient with Diogenes syndrome.

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The firefighters were unable to access the house through the door, as the garbage obstructed everything. So, fighting against time, they decided to drill one of the outer walls.

Once inside, they had to make their way through more debris until they finally located the room where the man was resting. Using a powerful stretcher and with the help of other machines, after four hours they took him down to the street to be transferred to a care center.

According to the neighbors, he had not left the residence for several years. So accumulated all kinds of garbage that facilitated the presence of rats and unsanitary conditions.

The Mayor’s Office Prat Investigate if he received any kind of government aid. Meanwhile, the authorities removed the trash and left the area clean.

What is Diogenes syndrome?

It is a behavior by which the person has “an extreme abandonment of self-care, both hygiene and food and health (living in unhealthy hygienic conditions), accumulation of rubbish and useless objects, self-neglect, marked social isolation and lack of awareness of illness”, describes a scientific article in the Journal of the Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry.

Requires multidisciplinary treatment, with the help of medication and therapy. Specialists also indicate that social measures are necessary for the patient who has been isolated.

“It constitutes a disorder in which self-negligence and hoarding behaviors predominate in miserable conditions,” they say.

Source: Elcomercio

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