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The young woman who donated a kidney to her boyfriend to save his life: “I’m glad to be part of the miracle”

A young woman from Cali Colombiashowed the love she feels for her boyfriend by donating one of her kidneys to save his life.

The drama of this couple, who have been in a relationship for five years, began when Mario Giraldo They were diagnosed chronic renal failure.

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Given this, he was told that his only option was to undergo a kidney transplantbut the wait on the donor list became a problem.

In this situation, yakeline valencia he made the brave decision to be his partner’s donor. “We started the process together and both for him and for me it has been very difficult”said the young woman in conversation with Noticias Caracol.

Happy to help her boyfriend get his life back

“It gives me great joy to be able to be part of the miracle that God is giving him and that is that he has a normal life again, that he is the same as before”he added.

For his part, Mario did not hesitate to express his gratitude to his girlfriend and medical staff who treated him. “I want to thank you for the work you did, it is a very valuable job in which you care a lot about the patients”he claimed

Yakeline also spoke about the opportunity to save her partner’s life, assuring that it is no coincidence that she met him.

“Even if our relationship were to end at some point, this act of love saved Mario’s life”the young woman concluded.

What is chronic renal failure and what are its causes?

Chronic renal failure is the slow loss of kidney function. The main job of these organs is to remove waste and excess water from the body.

Medline Plus reports that it is possible not to notice any symptoms for several years, since the loss of function can be so slow that no sign is noticed until the kidneys have stopped working.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two most common causes and are responsible for the majority of cases.

Other diseases and conditions that can damage the kidneys:

Source: Elcomercio

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