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The UN declares itself “appalled” by the new Ugandan law against homosexuality

The office of United Nations for the Human rights today declared itself “appalled” by the approval today of a new law against homosexuality in Uganda that includes long jail terms and the death penalty for certain crimes.

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“We are appalled that this draconian bill, discriminatory and anti-homosexual has become law.” indicated in his official account of the social network Twitter the office directed by the high commissioner of United Nations, Volker Turk.

“It is a recipe for future systematic violations of people LGBTIQ and for the general population, creating a conflict with the constitution and international treaties, for which an urgent judicial review should be carried out,” added the office, which had previously condemned the bill.

The new legislation was also condemned by the Joint UN Program against HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)which in a joint statement with other international health organizations expressed its deep concern about the consequences that the new legislation may have.

The law “will hinder the health education and commitment needed to end AIDS as a public health threat,” said the statement, in which he denounced that the collective LGBTIQ she has already suffered stigmatization during months of debate over the law that has limited her access to care and treatment.

“The collective in Uganda fears more and more for their safety, and an increasing number of people are discouraged from going to health services, fearing that they will be further attacked, punished or marginalized”lamented the joint statement.

The president of Uganda, Yoweri Musevenitoday approved a law that maintains the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality” (broad term used to refer to having intimate relationships with a minor or other vulnerable groups)

Furthermore, anyone who “knowingly promotes homosexuality” She can be sentenced to up to twenty years in prison, a provision that was not changed from the original bill.

The legislative text has also been harshly criticized for the European Union and USAas well as by different organizations of human rights like Amnesty International.

At present, in Uganda A 1950 law prevails – the country became independent from the United Kingdom in 1962 – which penalizes intimate relationships between people of the same sex with up to life imprisonment, although it is not usually applied.

Source: Elcomercio

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