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Video captures the exact moment in which two tourists are assaulted in Medellín

Another unfortunate case of insecurity for foreign visitors occurred in Medellín, Colombiain the last days.

In video was recorded the moment in which a couple, apparently Polish, was robbed while touring one of the tutelary hills of the capital of Antioquia.

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In it video a man and a woman can be seen walking through the The Flying Hill in broad daylight, both smiling and calm, when behind them appears a man in a cap and striped T-shirt who cuts off the transmission when he attacks them.

Later it became known that the tourist couple was robbed and that the man was brutally beaten.

When the issue became known, the mayor of Medellín, daniel quinterogave the order to find the whereabouts of the robber, who was captured on video.

“I have asked my General Acevedo for the maximum attention to find the capture of this thief. The Mayor’s Office offers a reward of up to 10 million pesos for information that allows us his immediate capture and prosecution. Quintero said.

According to the Tourism Observatory of the Medellín Ombudsman, In the first quarter of the year, 230 complaints were filed for theft from tourists in the capital of Antioquiawhich shows an increase of 666 percent in relation to the same period of the previous year.

That same day, through security cameras, another case of theft of a foreign tourist was identified.

According to the police, three women were beating and robbing a British citizen. “The uniformed officers located the victim, who stated that he would have been the victim of three women who approached him and stole his high-end cell phone with blows. A meticulous follow-up began through the city’s security cameras, where in the same sector the camera viewers identified the three women, notifying the police units of the quadrant, where they were intercepted, captured for the crime of theft ”, reported Major Adrian Chacon, Inspection officer of the Valle de Aburrá Metropolitan Police.

The stolen items were returned to the foreigner.

Source: Elcomercio

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