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The Government of Ukraine claims to have put Russia on the defensive by pointing out that Bakhmut’s “highs dominate”

The Vice Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Hanna Maliardeclared on Monday that the Ukrainian army “master the highs“from the surroundings of the city of bakhmutwhere he would have managed to put the Russian forces “On the defensive”.

the area of bakhmut remains the epicenter of hostilities”, Maliar said in a message posted on his Telegram account in which he explained that the Ukrainian troops are moving “along a fairly wide front” and “high dominate” from the surroundings of the town.

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The enemy is on the defensive to maintain his position”, added the deputy minister, who in recent days has insisted that Ukraine continues to control part of the southwest of the municipality, in addition to having advanced several kilometers along the flanks, despite the fact that Russia He proclaimed the total capture of the city on May 20.

According to Maliar, Russia has started talking about the start of the expected Ukrainian counteroffensive.”to divert attention from his defeat in the Bakhmut zone”.

He Ministry of Defence of Russia assured this Monday that its troops have repelled a large Ukrainian offensive in five sectors of the front of Donetskin eastern Ukraine.

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According to MoscowUkraine would have lost more than 250 men and numerous armored vehicles, including 16 tanks, in this alleged failed offensive.

Source: Elcomercio

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