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Ephemeris of June 6: What happened in the world on a day like today?

He June 6th In 1944, allied troops disembarked -on what is known as D-Day- on the Normandy coast (France), during World War II, in a deployment of more than 160 kilometers that marked the beginning of the end of the Nazi occupation in Europe .


1808.- Napoleon Bonaparte proclaim his brother José King of Spain and its Indies.

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1844.- george williams cover on London the YMCA (Youth Christian Association) with branches in different countries.

1946.- The Basketball Association of Americawhich in 1949 was renamed National Basketball Association (NBA).

1919.- The newspaper “Il Popolo d’Italia” post the manifesto of the fascist movementsigned by benito mussolini.

1926.- The International Labor Organization (ILO) inaugurates its new headquarters in Geneva, Swiss.

1936.- culminates in Nicaragua the coup devised by the general Anastasio Somoza with the forced resignation of the president John Baptist Sacasawho would later succeed in office with the support of the US.

1954.- The first European television link is carried out on an experimental basis, with the name of “eurovision”, between the televisions of the RFA, Holland, Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and Swiss.

1960.- Stop publishing “Crucible”independent newspaper published in Cuba.

1966.- The American Spaceship”Gemini IX” ends his 72-hour flight, after 45 laps around the Land.

1968.- US senator dies robert kennedywho was shot the day before in a hotel in The Angels by Sirhan B. Sirhana Jordanian immigrant.

1982.- Israel invades the south of Lebanon.

1984.- The first version of the Tetrisvideo game created by the Russian programmer Alexey Pajitnov.

1993.- Ramiro de Leon Carpio is elected president of Guatemalaafter disabling jorge serrano.

1994.- South Africa enter the Organization for African Unity as member number 53.

nineteen ninety five.- is abolished death penalty in South Africa.

nineteen ninety six.- China agrees to suspend for ten years its nuclear tests.

1999.- He Islamic Salvation Army (EIS) Algerian, military arm of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), renounces the armed struggle.

2001.- The cigarette maker Phillip Morris is convicted by a jury The Angels to pay more than 3,000 million dollars to a patient with cancer.

2002.- USA officially recognizes Russia as a country with a market economy.

2003.- Chili becomes the sixth country in the world and the first in South America in signing a Free trade agreement with USA.

2005.- The president of bolivian, Carlos Mesa, resigns after a massive protest demonstration. it happens edward rodriguez.

2012.- It is carried out Worldwide IPv6 LaunchInternet protocol that allows various devices to be connected by identifying them with a unique address.

.- Chili, Colombia, Mexico and Peru constitute the Pacific alliance.

2013.- The diaries “The Washington Post” and “Guardian” reveal two telephone and Internet spy programs.

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2020.- Washington and NY are the scene of new protests over the murder of George Floyd.

2021.- the leftist Pedro Castillo is imposed by the minimum to the right Keiko Fujimori in the presidential Peru.

.- The state of NY increases the age to buy a car from 18 to 21 assault rifle.

2022.- Start the IX Summit of the Americas with the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua and without the assistance of the presidents of Mexico and bolivian.


1436.- Johannes RegiomontanusGerman astronomer and mathematician, one of the fathers of trigonometry.

1599.- Diego VelazquezSpanish painter.

1799.- Alexander PushkinRussian poet and novelist.

1875.- thomas mannGerman novelist, Nobel Prize in 1929.

1901.- Sukarnofounder of the Indonesian state.

1909.- isaiah berlinBritish philosopher of Latvian origin.

1919.- Lord CarringtonBritish politician.

1947.- robert englundAmerican actor.

1956.- Bjorn BörgSwedish tennis player.


1941.- louis chevroletAmerican car manufacturer.

1948.- Louis Lumiereinventor of the cinematograph.

1961.- Carl Gustav JungSwiss psychologist.

2000.- Moreira da SilvaBrazilian composer and singer.

2002.- naul ojedaUruguayan painter.

2005.- Anne BancroftAmerican actress.

2006.- Billy PrestonAmerican keyboardist known as the “fifth beatle”.

.- arnold newmanAmerican photographer.

2013.- Tom SharpeBritish novelist.

.- esther williamsAmerican actress.

2016.- Viktor KorchnoySwiss chess player of Russian origin.

.- Peter ShafferEnglish playwright.

2017.- François HoutartBelgian liberation theologian and sociologist.

.- Filemon EscobarBolivian trade unionist and politician.

2018.- Buenaventura Bueno TorresDominican broadcaster and news presenter.

.- Manuel FajardoPeruvian lawyer and founder of the political wing of Sendero Luminoso.

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2022.- Orlando Jorge MeraDominican politician.

.- valery ruminRussian cosmonaut.

.- Jim SealsAmerican musician.

Source: Elcomercio

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