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Prince Harry blames the tabloids for generating “paranoia” and “mistrust” in him

He prince harry He maintained this Tuesday that the “perverse” actions undertaken by British tabloids to obtain exclusives generated “paranoia” and “distrust” and had an impact on “all areas” of his life, from security to relationships.

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He duke of sussex38, appeared today as a witness in London’s High Court in the case against the group Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), accused of having engaged in dubious practices such as the illegal interception of telephones to generate information and sell newspapers.

The youngest son of King Charles III has responded to the questions of the defense attorney of MGN, Andrew Greenwhile it was disclosed in the United Kingdom your witness statement, a written document with the points raised during this hearing.

The prince, who currently resides in USA With his wife and two young children, he said the aired stories – gleaned through illegal wiretapping – not only caused security problems but also damaged personal relationships.

“I would say that the actions (of these media) affected all areas of my life, generating a lot of paranoia in my relationships because I distrusted everyone whose name appeared in the article, whether (the former employee of the stables of the Real home) Mark Dyer(his ex nanny) Tiggy or his brother, for example”said.

Also regrets that “I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone, which is a horrible feeling especially when you’re so young,” noting that she had always heard people refer to her mother, the late Lady Dias “paranoid” but that “it was not, he was afraid of what was happening to him and now I know that the same thing was happening to me”.

In relation to Dianaacknowledged that having found out that more than 8 payments to private investigators on herthey make you feelphysically ill”.

Source: Elcomercio

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