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The destruction of the Kajovka dam raises nuclear, ecological and human risks

The blowing up of the dam Kakhovka puts the nuclear power plant at risk Zaporizhiathe largest of Europeand it becomes a potential ecological threat for the entire region, from where part of the population has begun to be evacuated.

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“The water level of the reservoir of Kakhovka is declining rapidly, posing an additional threat to the nuclear power station temporarily occupied”communicated the Ukrainian nuclear operator, energoatomafter knowing the rupture of the dam.

The water from the reservoir is necessary to cool the plant’s reactors and prevent a radioactive leak. The infrastructure’s own reservoir is currently full and the water level is 16.6 meters, sufficient for the plant’s needs, the company estimated.

Olga Kosharnaa Ukrainian expert in nuclear energy, told EFE that no immediate danger for the security of the plant, adding that the Ukrainian staff at the plant could call upon various support mechanisms.

there are bombs with pipes several kilometers long that can be used to fill the cooling tank with water from the reservoir if the level drops dangerously.

However, this is complicated by the continued occupation of the plant by Russian troops and by the fact that the banks of the Dnieper river have been mined, added the expert.

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The water is expected to flow from the reservoir of Kakhovka for the next four days before the level stabilizes, reported for his part ukrgidrenergooperator of the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant.

There are about 80 settlements downstream in danger of flooding, added the Ukrainian prime minister, Denys Shmygal.

The territories under Russian occupation on the lower eastern shore of the dnieper river probably suffer more than the right bank, controlled by Ukraine.

There is fear that the authorities installed by the Russian occupiers will not be able to organize an evacuation in time for the population that remains in the area in cities such as New Kakhovkawhich has been partially flooded.

At least eight locations and part of Kherson have also been flooded, including the district Ostriv from the city.

“Some 16,000 people are in the critical zone”reported the head of the regional administration, Oleksandr Prokudin.

Local officials have started evacuating residents from areas at risk with new trains made available by Ukrainian Railways to get people out of the city.

According to the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskythe authorities are doing everything possible to save people and provide clean water.

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The destruction of the hydroelectric plant threatens to cause an ecological disaster in the south of the country, warned the prime minister shmygal.

The ecological impact, including erosion and contamination of soils and water, are difficult to estimate yet but will probably be “big” and they could feel “beyond the Ukrainian borders”, he told Ukrainian television Mykhailo Yatsiukof the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The destruction of the dam will affect the entire agricultural environment, as well as the houses, in the dry south of Ukraine, due to its adverse effects on a complex irrigation system that is based on the reservoir of Kakhovka.

It is expected to affect populations of Kherson and Zaporizhiaas well as the occupied Crimea and the countries that buy Ukrainian grain.

Agriculture is impossible without irrigation given the climatic conditions of these regions”, he stressed for his part Tetian Zavzharovafrom the environmental NGO “ecosense”.

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The destruction of the dam and its consequences is another blow to the country infrastructure and its energy supply system in particular.

In addition to the extensive damage caused to the reservoir, the complete destruction of the engine room of the hydroelectric plant in Kakhovka was confirmed by the operator, Ukrgidrenergo.

That further weakens the energy system of the country, which has lost more than half of its generation capacity due to the Russian invasion.

Flooding of downstream areas will likely cause damage to their civil infrastructure. In the Telegram channels you can see how the cranes for the 92,000-ton grain in the town of Kozatske They have been partially submerged.

Source: Elcomercio

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