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Petro is being investigated for possible irregular financing in the presidential campaign, the Colombian prosecutor’s office reported

The prosecution colombian reported this Friday that it is investigating whether there was a possible illegal financing of the electoral campaign of the Colombian president, Gustavo Petroin 2022.

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The investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement, “It is focused on determining whether crimes related to the possible illegal financing of the electoral campaign of the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro Urrego”.

“Here, possible responsibilities will be established in the crimes of financing of electoral campaigns prohibited sourcesviolation of electoral caps and others that can be typified “added the information.

The Prosecutor’s Office explained that the line of investigation is in charge of prosecutors delegated to the Supreme Court of Justice and of the Specialized Directorate against Corruptionwith which he will try to establish if it is true that there was illegal money in the campaign.

“In this sense, the capacities will be articulated and, in accordance with their powers, the prosecutors will direct their actions towards registered and non-registered persons”concludes the document.

The position of the Prosecutor’s Office is known after the disclosure of the audios in which the former ambassador of Colombia in Venezuela Armando Benedetti spoke of alleged irregularities in the financing of the campaign of Petroin which he was one of its top managers on the coast atlantic.

Already stripped of his diplomatic position, Benedetti said in audios sent to the former head of Cabinet, Laura Sarabiawho deserved better treatment from the Government because he managed 15,000 million pesos (about 3.4 million dollars) and says that if he counts those who financed Petro’s campaign on the Atlantic coast, they will all end up in prison.

It’s not sucking a cock (joke), it’s not a threat, because you know me. I’m not going to let myself suck a cock, Laura, I swear on the lives of my children that it will never happen, we all sankyes, we’re all finished, we’re going to jail”, he tells him in one of the recordings published by Semana magazine.

Petro has denied that this has happened in his Government and last Sunday he assured that “Neither have blackmail been accepted regarding public office or contracts, nor have money been received in the campaign from people linked to drug trafficking, much less have figures such as 15,000 million out of our accounting”.

In this direction, the former manager of Petro’s campaign for the Presidency, Ricardo Roaassured yesterday that “never”contributions or donations were received directly or managed by the former ambassador Benedetti.

“Yes, there were important attempts to meet with businessmen, but at no time was there talk of making contributions. Nor were any of those meetings heldRoa said in statements to the media.

Source: Elcomercio

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