WorldArmy denies shooting at military base, claiming it was...

Army denies shooting at military base, claiming it was an “exercise”


The US military denied, on Thursday, the announcement of a shooting that claimed five victims at a military base in Maryland, in the northeast of the United States, saying that it was a simple “planned exercise”.

“The information about a shooting at (the base of) Fort Meade is false. It was a planned exercise, ”said Eric Pahon, a Pentagon spokesman, in a statement. An emergency services official at Army Base Fort Meade had previously said five people were injured in a shootout and the gunman had been “circumscribed”.

“Test and validate the response of the Fort Meade garrison”

On the base’s Facebook page, a message announced Monday the holding of an “Integrated protection exercise” between September 21 and 24. It was intended to “test and validate the response of the Fort Meade garrison to multiple incidents in a Covid-19 environment”. The Fort Meade military complex, located 50 km northeast of Washington, is one of the most secure places in the country. The base is also home to the National Security Agency (NSA), the US Military Command for Cyberspace (Cyber ​​Command) and several other US agencies.

In February 2018, a shooting left three people injured when a car tried to enter the NSA site. The FBI had ruled out the terrorist trail. In March 2015, two men disguised as women had already tried to enter the premises of the famous and mysterious intelligence agency by car. One of them had been killed and the other injured. The police had also ruled out the terrorist trail.




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