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Petro says that he will not “intervene or pressure” the Prosecutor’s Office after his son’s capture

Petro says that he will not “intervene or pressure” the Prosecutor’s Office after his son’s capture

Petro says that he will not “intervene or pressure” the Prosecutor’s Office after his son’s capture

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petroaffirmed this Saturday that “he will not intervene or pressure” the decisions of the Prosecutor’s Office after the capture of his son Nicolás, investigated for the possible crime of money laundering and illicit enrichment.

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As a person and father it hurts so much self destruction and the fact that one of my children goes to jail; As President of the Republic, I assure that the Prosecutor’s Office has all the guarantees on my part to proceed accordingly. according to the lawexpressed the president on his Twitter account.

Nicolás Petro, deputy of the Assembly of the department of Atlanticwas captured along with his ex-wife daysuris vasquezwho at the beginning of the year accused him of receiving a large sum of money from a drug trafficker for the current president’s campaign and of keeping that money.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that the arrests took place “Today, July 29, 2023, around 06:00 (11:00 GMT), in compliance with the provisions of the 16th Municipal Criminal Court with the Function of Control of Guarantees of Bogota”.

I wish my son luck and strength. May these events forge your character and you can reflect on your own mistakes. As I stated before the attorney general, I will not intervene or pressure his decisions; let the law freely guide the process”, added the Colombian president after the news.

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Nicholas Fernando Petro Burgos was arrested for the crimes of money laundering and illicit enrichment and Daysuris del Carmen Vasquez Castro for money laundering and violation of personal data. Those captured will be placed at the disposal of a criminal judge and a restrictive measure of freedom will be requested.

On March 21, the Prosecutor’s Office announced that it was criminally investigating Nicholas Petro for his alleged meetings with drug traffickers in prison and for “possible money laundering” after his ex-wife assured in an interview with Semana magazine that the drug trafficker Samuel Santander Lopesierraalias “the marlboro manI give you “More than 600 million pesos (about $153,000 today) for the father’s campaign.”

That never legally reached the campaign because he kept that money, and so on others.added the woman, who mentioned that Nicholas Petro He also received 200 million pesos (about $51,000) from the controversial businessman alfonso Turkishhilsacawhich did not go to the campaign either.

Source: Elcomercio

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