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UN General Assembly: Lula claims that the war in Ukraine is proof of the incapacity of the United Nations

The Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silvasaid this Tuesday before the UN General Assembly that the war in Ukraine It is proof of the “incapacity” of that organization and the international community, which relies more on weapons than on peace.

“There will be no prosperity without peace”, good “Armed conflicts are an affront to humanity” and promote “The culture of peace is everyone’s obligation”but “not everyone assumes that”declared Lulawho insisted on the need to carry out Russia already Ukraine to a negotiating table.

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It is disturbing that old disputes remain unresolved and new threats emerge.” he declared Lulawho also cited the many conflicts that persist Middle Eastin Africa and other regions of the world.

The war in Ukraineaccording to Lula, “denounces our collective inability to enforce the principles of UNwhich he urged to understand that “No solution will be lasting if it is not supported by dialogue.”

He criticized that the richest nations “they invest a lot in weapons and little in development” and condemned the “unilateral sanctions”, that “they only bring serious harm to the affected countries”.

He also spoke out against “any attempt to relaunch the Cold War” and condemned that the countries of the Security Council of the UN they declare wars”And promote them in the world.

According to Lula, the “paralysis”from the Security Council “It’s the most eloquent proof” the need to reform the UN and its institutions, so that they reflect the “reality”of the 21st century.

This Wednesday, within the scope of the General meeting, Lula plans to meet the Ukrainian leader for the first time, Volodimir Zelenskywho was present at the time of his speech.

It will be the first personal meeting between the two, after a conversation Video conference last March.

In recent statements, the Ukrainian leader reiterated his rejection of Lula’s proposal and assured that, “to say something, it is necessary to understand who is the victim and who is the aggressor” and that peace does not depend on a ““one-sided formula”but from “suffering country”.

About Lula, said it “We must clearly understand that war is in Ukraine and not in Russia. Not even in Brazil nor in Africa nor in U.S”.

Lula agreed with Zelenskylast May, in G7 Summit held in the Japanese city of Hiroshima and although they had agreed to meet in person, the meeting did not take place due to some alleged “scheduling problems”.

Source: Elcomercio

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