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AMLO insists that the Mexican Army provided “all information” about missing Ayotzinapa students

AMLO insists that the Mexican Army provided “all information” about missing Ayotzinapa students

AMLO insists that the Mexican Army provided “all information” about missing Ayotzinapa students

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador insisted this Thursday that the Army “provided all the information” about the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa after his meeting with their parents, who accused him of protecting the Armed Forces.

“We have provided all the information, the Ministry of Defense has provided all the information, but parents insist that there is a lack of information,” said the president at his daily press conference.

His statements were made after his meeting on Wednesday with the families of the young people, who disappeared on September 26, 2014 in the state of Guerrero, in the south of the country, in which the parents demanded that he stop covering up the Army because, according to them , documents are missing about the case.

Emiliano Navarrete, father of José Ángel Navarrete, stated at the end of the meeting that “the president has been very protective of the Army for a long time.”

But López Obrador defended the actions of the Armed Forces, although he promised a review.

“They support this, but the Defense claims that it has already delivered all the information, and what I have been proposing since yesterday is a review of everything so that there are no doubts and it can be said: we have already delivered all the information, this is what is known .” had. Or, in fact, it was necessary to provide other information or there is no more”, he stated.

The meeting took place on the eve of the ninth anniversary of the disappearance of the young people, as pressure grows for López Obrador to fulfill his promise to clarify the case during his term, which ends on October 1, 2024.

“I made a commitment to the parents that we were going to figure this out and we’re going to do it, and I still have a year and I’m working on it, and that’s why I also wanted the meeting with yesterday, to let them know, and I want to deliver it on Monday Everybody, every mother and father, a file”, he commented.

The president promised that the Ministry of the Interior will deliver on Monday “a collection” of what was delivered “so as not to continue to deepen disagreements” with parents and “so that there is no misinformation”.

He argued that “this is not just a social and deeply humanitarian issue”, but that his “adversaries” used the issue to “harm” his Government.

“We do not want these forgers, pseudo-human rights defenders, to use this regrettable matter to affect the Government and especially the Army”, he said.

The Government’s Truth Commission concluded last year that the incident was a “state crime” in which authorities at all levels participated, including the Armed Forces.

In this context, López Obrador defended the results by pointing out that there are dozens of soldiers detained, including two generals.

Source: Elcomercio

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